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taking a break in a world of ever flowing content

photographing the new bedding line

I’m coming off a creative rush over the last year.  I’ve been on the constant output of creativity for my business -The baby line. The bedding line. The baby swaddles. The Penny Paper Co. product line has grown. Even a new business. Each one has different energy, excitement, processes, manufacturings. It has been a wild year and I’m thankful that I’ve been offered opportunities like these. But the creative rush is also a manic one sometimes. Creativity can be all consuming.  Continue Reading →

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new stages, phases + blogging

image via design love fest

image via design love fest // i should use this advice

I’m sitting here in my bedroom, drinking a cup of tea, listening to the sweet snoring of my Oscar as he’s passed out in my bed with a little fever that I think he picked up at his Saturday morning art class. I thought, while I sit here (I promised him not to leave his side – except for my evening bath) I would take a moment to write. I’ve been struggling with this online space for awhile and tip toeing around it. The blog has changed over the years – starting out (12.5 years ago!) about my business, then it broke off into 2 blogs – one business and one home. Things change, as they do – the blog was way cooler then because we were doing renovations and decorating then I had a baby and talked all about mom stuff. Now I’m entering a new phase in my life where the house is pretty much done (with the exception of some decks, finishing the studio, and maybe a total gut of Oscar’s room in a few years) but nothing that would warrant constant updates on the blog about decor – as much as I love decor.  Continue Reading →

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thoughts on social media


I’ve been sitting on this post for some time and have resisted blogging about it because if I’m going to be very honest, I’ve tried to step away from talking about the landscape of blogging / social media as I find such posts, somewhat self-righteous and tedious to read ( mean, everyone and their mama has written about the death o’ blogging). I have no authority or grand vision of it all. But I do like to use social media – both for business and personal use and as such, I’m witness to conversations that peak my interest, and spark ideas and yet I feel like voicing opposition to people’s visions of social media, improper so I thought I’d take to my own personal blog to share my thoughts on the landscape of social media, and why I think we’re all in our own bubbles.  Continue Reading →