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A few years ago my little brother was moving into his first place with his wife, Lindsay. Linds was going back to school for Nursing and Peter was at the beginning of his own adventure in starting a business. Needless to say, their funds were tight, and yet as a newly married couple, they wanted to create a “grownup” home on a limited budget. I started to see a story unfold in my head, and saw it as a great collaboration for a furniture company – one that had appropriately priced pieces, and a huge selection. Leon’s immediately came to mind, and I felt like I could tell a great story on how to decorate with a big box store’s pieces, and show how to make it unique, trendy and cool.  I see story ideas, I see how it could unfold, and I see collaborations being born. I like to create, and I like to work with cool companies – so I reached out to Leon’s enthusiastically and said “I want to work with you!!”. And now, a few years later the design story of making over my little brother’s apartment (his bedroom, and living room) made it into Canadian Business Magazine this month which is ridiculously rewarding to see.  It’s hard to reach out to companies sometimes, you feel like you’re asking for “freebies”. But for me it’s this sense of telling a story, and it being a win-win – the brand gets a great makeover showcasing their products, and the homeowners (in this case, my little brother) got furniture.  Anyhow, I thought I’d point you in the direction of the article in part because I’m proud of having taken that leap of faith to reach out to them, the work that I did in these two homes, and also to say thank you to Leon’s for having faith in me to let me makeover these places!