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New family member!

Meet Jake!! He’s the newest addition to our little family. We now have two cats, one little dog, and two snails (Gary and Stephen). He is the SWEETEST pup. He’s already 6 months old and came with the name Jake. I had this long list of dog names we we’re going to name a dog but Oscar was adamant that he keep his given name. I would have protested more had it been a name like Mr. Wiggles – but Jake suits him.

We had originally thought we were going to get a frenchie, but I had seen Jake on the breeders website, fallen in love, inquired, and then let it be. Aubrey was pretty reluctant about getting a dog smaller than our cats – but a few months passed, Jake was still available. I reached out again, and Aubrey and Oscar went to meet him. Needless to say the boys fell head over heels in love and all of Aubrey’s concerns went out the window. The breeder was the best, so kind, and I was so grateful that she let us take him into our home.

As someone who has pretty high anxiety, but who has learnt how to manage it pretty well (it took some work), adding a dog into my life kind of threw me for a loop for a few days and created some panic attacks. What if I messed him up? My life is over. I can’t leave the house and so on. (I’ve never had a dog). With some helpful reassurance from Aubrey and, my girlfriend Erin, I walked myself back off that ledge and chilled out a bit. I’m now used to the routine more, he’s in a crate at night, goes outside to pee / poop and I’m back to feeling in control and therefore less anxious. 🙂 He’s actually the best and he was meant to be in our little house. If you’d like to see more dog spam click on the read more. 😉  Continue Reading →

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Charlie Pickles

I’m pretty pumped to post that our newest brand –  an apparel company (huzzah!) Charlie Pickles, has launched! It has been a labour of love for the past six months, a fun side project to running our other brands.

I can’t pick a favourite, but Aubrey is all over our custom initial patch line. You can pick 1 or 2 initials to decorate your crewneck / hoodie with and it’s the BEST.

Shop online at www.CharliePickles.Shop

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Drugstore beauty – The Ordinary Co.

When it comes to my skincare routine, I’m still in love with Rodan & Fields (I wrote about it here) and have found it to be a game changer with my skin. Sadly – it’s expensive and it’s awkward to buy (you need a rep). Although I’m usually brand loyal when I find a product,  I’m trying to break up with the brand because the relationship is making a dent on my bank account. I’m not quite ready to give up on them yet, but I do admit to seeing “others” on the side.

I occasionally try new products to see if they give me some nice results in between my uses of my R&F routine. Last week I picked up some of The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Masque when I was making a purchase from I don’t know why I picked it. I just liked the idea of adding a mask into my routine.


It arrived, and before bedtime I decided to use it. The first thing that I noticed was that when I opened it and put a dab of the mask on my finger to see black. Usually with acid masks they are clear. Turns our there is charcoal in it! That explains it.  (I didn’t obviously read it too well before applying.) Anyhow, I didn’t know how well this was going to wash off, so I went light on the application. I left it on for ten minutes as per the bottle and washed it off  with warm water. It came off my skin easily without any leftover residue and my skin felt clean and brighter.

It was pretty mild, and from my research, it’s a good mask to start with if you’re adding in exfoliation into your routine. (Which I am)  After this, I followed it up with my normal bedtime routine of Vitamin C Serum, Evening Moisturizer and Leaves of Trees Argan Oil to seal it all in. This morning my skin looked AMAZING, so this little mask is staying in my weekly skincare routine.

Recommend? Yes!
Thoughts: Pretty mild, but leaves your skin feeling super clean
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