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Bits + Pieces – Summer Edition Part 1

Oye. The Summer is going by rather quickly. I’ve been meaning to post but alas, it has been a bit of a whirlwind start to the season. We started off the Summer, the weekend of my 40th birthday, with a trip to the Emergency room with Oscar. A few hours after being admitted, my brave little man was in surgery getting his appendix taken out. The surgeons were amazing, and the nurses taking care of him afterwards were also fantastic. I stayed at the hospital every night, sleeping on one of those chairs that turn into a bed (that was surprisingly comfy). It was the worst seeing Oscar in pain, but I was so thankful that we knew what was going on and there was a solution to it.

The appendicitis was so bad, that it took awhile for him to recover – but I’m happy to report that a few days after getting home (he had to stay a few days), he was chomping down popsicles and getting some of the Oscar-isms back. He was most excited to make it home in time for the release of Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch. And Nintendo Canada was lovely enough to notice (I made reference to it on Instagram) – and sent him this lovely gift of a sweet note, some sticker sheets and Mario Hard Hats…

A week after he got home from the hospital, we headed to Haute Goat near Toronto, a birthday gift / expedition. Here you get to hang out with goats (GOATS!) and at the end of the day sit on the grass and snuggle with them. My Mom adores goats, and we brought her along. Honestly, it was THE best experience ever.

Seriously, goats are hilarious.

The baby goats weren’t great at following the pack, so Oscar was right in there helping get them moving.

I mean. That FACE.

New planters from HomeSense got some Lavender – I’ve decided that Lavender not only smells beautiful, but they make a gorgeous statement when planted in groups. Bring on more lavender next year.

xo Linds

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bits + pieces no. 20197

We escaped the Toronto cold and headed off to Mexico to Paradisus La Esmeralda. The pricing at this particular resort has been more than we could afford the last few years but in a moment of “get us out of the cold or I’m going to die” during the winter, I searched up the resort and there were some crazy deals so we jumped on it and booked. All inclusive is not my favourite type of travel, but it certainly is the easiest and good for the whole family. You know what you’re paying, no one has to drive from point A to B, and the hospitality is awesome. If you’re looking to book, we recommend Katherine Lewis who has handled most of our vacations. We booked this one on our own because we stumbled on a sale and didn’t want to loose out – but if you’re planning ahead, an agent like Katherine is awesome.

I went to a sound bath in a salt cave at a new spot in Toronto called Hoame. I went to one in California last year and found it so helpful – Meditation and mindfulness has helped me immensely over the winter with leading a healthier lifestyle and taking the occasional class like this are little treats. I wish I could do it more often but it can all add up to be expensive. The nice thing is – it’s like a little refresher class to get you practicing meditation at home – all of these things you can do at home for free, but sometimes a class is a nice way to spend an evening.

Other things this to kickstart this week:

Happy Spring!

xo Linds

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Bits + Pieces No. 10987*

Well hello there. Long time no see. I’ve taken a needed breather from the blog and it did we a world of good. I think I can say that I no longer look at this space as a “thing I need to do” and instead, I’m coming back looking forward to sharing. Sometimes breaks are good. I mean, Aubrey and I took a ton of them when we were teenagers and dating – and look at us know. So maybe that’s what my blog needed was a break to see other people.

It has been a quietish few months. I’ve been trying to get back into illustrating, and digging deep for some new inspiration for works of art. It has been a bit of a struggle, I’m chalking it up to the Canadian winter and being so BLEH.  I’ve been helping girlfriends with the branding on their businesses and I love to seeing others just go for it.

Anyhow, it has been nice to step away from the blog to focus on everyday life and I’m looking forward to popping back on here to write some more. If you don’t already, pop over to Instagram where I’m posting the occasional sketch video as I dive back into showing how my art and products come to be. I thought it would be a good insight into what I actually DO over here. Plus it’s a nice focus for me, the ability to share my process.

xo Linds

*I’m just going to randomly make up numbers from now on.