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bits + pieces

Happy Monday. Spring is here and oh so lovely. Here are a few photos from over here. Two major projects I’m excited to announce this week have been keeping my brain busy and feeling so appreciative and also, had me looking at where I am right now thinking it’s SO strange. Had you told me 10 years ago that some of these projects would be what I was doing, I would have told you that you were bonkers. But you do these things, feel grateful for opportunities and just keep plugging away on the path. I’m excited to announce them so stay tuned! Ps., Here are some photos for now and some captions to give you some little windows into the world over here. Continue Reading →

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life in photos

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Time is flying by. I’ve found that the routine of driving Oscar to school daily is getting me out of the house more, which is a great thing – but as a result I’ve been socializing more and I’ve been booking meetings out and about more often. Life has changed, and it’s nice –  but I’m still trying to find the right footing some days, the right mix of work / family / social / and me time. I’m not sure why I’ve let blogging lag. Well I do. Something has to give sometimes when you’re juggling multiple things. It has been a month finalizing the Spring collection for the shop, finalizing a new product that is launching in stores this Spring and even a new business venture. But hopefully soon I can get back into blogging as everything finds it’s rhythm. I have so much to fill you in on (so, so much!) but for now I think I’ll do a recap of life via pictures on my phone. Because sometimes it’s fun to just see a little bit of what others do daily. At least I do. I’m nosy that way.

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Spotted some new pillows of mine while out. I love this long rectangular style. It’s perfect for styling a little ones bed.

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We bought a cake from Bobbette and Belle for a celebration and it was DIVINE. And perfectly sprinkled.

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I had some custom made iridescent zippered bags made for the shop. I’m in HEAVEN. They are the perfect size to hold pencils, treats or change.

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Please let Spring be around the corner. I’ve felt rather blue this Winter and I think I need some rays of sunshine.


Oscar has started Karate and it’s the first sport that he asks to go to. He looks SO PROUD when he comes out wearing his karate uniform.

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I have some new pillows being made in a deluxe velveteen fabric that I adore. The price point of these pillows will be more than the ones you find in retailers, like HomeSense. But they are made small batch and here in Canada. I fret over pricing for months on end, trying to see where to reduce production costs but I’ve come to realize that higher end products with upper end fabrics do cost more to make, and thus, for the consumer.

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetWe’ve been babysitting our friend’s guinea piggies while they travel and I’m in LOVE. I talk to them in the morning, hold them and cuddle them. It’s nice because it allows Oscar to get an intro into a pet (without a commitment)

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Oscar and I went to the Nintendo Switch event awhile back – getting me “super awesome Mom award” for the day. (Thanks to PR agencies who really are the ones who deserve the credit) It is AMAZING. SO amazing that we bought one for my little sister for her birthday. Since it hadn’t come out yet we did an IOU. This past Monday, however, was the release day and I had a little free time in the morning so I joined the other 50 people in line at EB Games to get a console. And lucky for me, I got the last one. Three cheers for me. Unfortunately one of the wands didn’t work, so I went back the next day to exchange one of the wands. Easy peasy, and apparently a known issue. Oscar desperately wants a Switch but I’m struggling with screen time and trying to figure out how to mix his love of games (he LOVES video games) with the parental knowledge that there needs to be limits. Ahhhh. To be a parent. Ugh.

Anyhow, that my friends is all for now. I’m sitting in a Starbucks, my earbuds in my ears listening to zen music to try to channel some calm before I pick up Oscar from school.

xo Linds

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bits + pieces, mini edition

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A little post with some little updates

My writing elsewhere / I guest blogged for The Comfortable House, a blog for La-Z-Boy Furniture on how to decorating a timeless living room Read It Here

New Products / I’ve done a soft launch of some textile products – the big “Ta-da!!” will come soon, but feel free to see what is so far in the line

Business Updates / The business is expanding, and I have someone joining my team for The Penny Paper Co.! I’ll tell you more later, but check out our Spring / Summer catalogue. (And if you know of a store that you think should carry our line – let me (or them!) know! xo

Ps., I originally posted the above photo here. xo

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bits + pieces

A little photos from around here, as a quick little bits + pieces post. I suffer from anxiety, which is pretty manageable, but lately with a lot going on, I’ve found it creeping up more and more. In an effort to keep the calm, I’m trying very much to allow myself “me” time at the end of the night – which includes a bath and, little rituals like lighting a candle and creating an atmosphere of calm. My girlfriends husband is very much into meditating and I thought come the summer, when the backyard studio was done (hopefully, maybe, perhaps) I could go out in the mornings and have some new routines to find some balance. But for now, I find it easiest to do little things at night, when tend to relax me quite a great deal!

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bits + pieces, end of summer….

Quiet morning in the house...

Quiet morning in the house…

Excuse the lack of posts, or energy directed to my blog. Life has been so lovely “offline” that it has been hard to sit down and write, which I do love to do during the rest of the year when we have more of a schedule (ex., school!) Life has been going to the cottage, spending time walking our neighborhood with Oscar, spending time with friends and family – and finishing up our garage project that has turned into the most beautiful addition to our home, greater than I had ever imagined. Anyhow, for now here are some things that have been happening the last few days as we soak in the last days of Summer. 

I was in HomeSense and spotted my work in the Art section – which was a surprise as it typically is only in the Children’s section. I’m so glad to see that HomeSense saw it as a fit for “big kid” walls. Wouldn’t this be perfect on a gallery wall?! Love, love it. And no. It never gets old seeing your stuff on the shelf of a store you love. 

And I was pretty excited to see that one of my favourite print styles, for I just love the term “hip hip hooray” is on canvas in their kids section. Love this. 

Oscar and my sister rescued this little caterpillar from the lake. Oscar was just in love with him, making sure he was happy on land, pulling grass for him to eat (as in, putting grass in front of wherever the Caterpillar was walking). Such a fuzzy little dude. 

I’m helping pick some design finishes for a reno / design and it is going to be SO pretty. The construction by Dave Tomlinson (who is really, the nicest contractor in Toronto) and the architect was Brenda MacKneson – here is a shot of the bathroom, where we’ve decided to do the subway tile, and use a bullnose to edge it. (More photos coming soon!)

Again, my apologies for neglecting my little space online – but I’ll be back shortly with better updates on what I’ve been working on for my business, plans for the Fall, building projects we’ve been working on. But for now – I must say goodnight and I’m going to go read my NextIssue in bed. 😉 xox to all. – Linds