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bits + pieces no. 20197

We escaped the Toronto cold and headed off to Mexico to Paradisus La Esmeralda. The pricing at this particular resort has been more than we could afford the last few years but in a moment of “get us out of the cold or I’m going to die” during the winter, I searched up the resort and there were some crazy deals so we jumped on it and booked. All inclusive is not my favourite type of travel, but it certainly is the easiest and good for the whole family. You know what you’re paying, no one has to drive from point A to B, and the hospitality is awesome. If you’re looking to book, we recommend Katherine Lewis who has handled most of our vacations. We booked this one on our own because we stumbled on a sale and didn’t want to loose out – but if you’re planning ahead, an agent like Katherine is awesome.

I went to a sound bath in a salt cave at a new spot in Toronto called Hoame. I went to one in California last year and found it so helpful – Meditation and mindfulness has helped me immensely over the winter with leading a healthier lifestyle and taking the occasional class like this are little treats. I wish I could do it more often but it can all add up to be expensive. The nice thing is – it’s like a little refresher class to get you practicing meditation at home – all of these things you can do at home for free, but sometimes a class is a nice way to spend an evening.

Other things this to kickstart this week:

Happy Spring!

xo Linds

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At Home | New coffee table

We added a new coffee table to the living room and I’m in love. This is the coffee table I grew up with, sitting by as people gathered in my parents living room. I’d sit on the floor and put my head on my Moms lap, as she’d play with my hair. Originally purchased from @theartshoppeto– many, many moons ago it was at the heart of our family gatherings forever.

15 years ago this table was put in the garage when my parents did an extensive renovation to their home, and redecorated. This table has been in the garage ever since.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and his brother in law flexed their muscles and moved this granite coffee table into our living room and it feels like it was always supposed to be here. We’ve already played Connect Four and Othello here, eaten dinner around it and had coffee dates by it.

Not only do I love the look in my home, I love that it remains in the family and will continue to be at the heart of family gatherings.