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Summer Days

I found this wee oak leaf on the ground, passed by it, and then took two steps back to pick it up because I loved it so.

My toes need repainting but that would mean I wouldn’t have as much time at the pool with this awesome guy.

Charlie Pickles

I hope you’re having a lovely Summer. Oscar is in less camps this Summer than ever before – which has turned out to be an awesome thing for us, because he’s getting so much time at my Mom’s pool practicing swimming, and plus have I told you…. But the age 8 is the best. Like seriously, he’s funny, awesome, so fun to be with. So I’m soaking in the days of summer with him, even if it is watching him play video games. I kind of love this Summer. The backyard is still a work in progress, I can’t wait to share more pics. xoxo Linds

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New Photography

The Bad Guy

Three new photographs have been added to the collection over here. They make me crack up every time I see them. I was inspired by the things I just love to have around the house that evoke memories, but I’ve learned I can’t hold onto things – I need to let them go, so I don’t collect too much in my home. For years what I’ve done is taken a picture of something before it leaves in a donation bin, or, goes to someone I know. I don’t need the item in hand to relive the happy memories, for me, seeing something triggers the emotions just as much as holding it in hand. Which is why I started photographing items that I thought were classic, and would also evoke those happy feelings in others, and would make great art.

The Good Guy


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Just Launched – Photography Collection

So fun news! My photography collection has launched!

The backstory is that I’ve been sitting on my photography collection for a few years now, wanting to launch it … but a few things held me back. As a creative I want to make and make and find new ways to explore what I love and photography is something I adore.  I take photos that I want for my home – bright and airy, California and chill. It’s my escape from my business life, and brings me so much happiness.

So as much as I want these photos in my own home I kept hearing from others that they wanted them too. But I faced road blocks along the way.  Continue Reading →