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roundup of the best bar carts

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I’m slightly obsessed with bar carts. Here are some I’ve come across that have made me swooooon.

This one from Serena and Lily is divine. It looks vintage (but isn’t) and although you could click “buy now” on this you may be able to find a similar style in vintage shops. But the straight clean lines of this makes it just that much more appealing – and, slightly more modern. The more I look at it the more I really want it. Ugh. The perils of online shopping.

Mid Century Bar Cart from West Elm Mid Century Bar Cart from West Elm

West Elm’s Bar Cart has always had my heart. It would fit into many decor’s.

Oh Anthropologie.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this. Like LOVE, LOVE it. I want it for my office. Not that I drink in my office and need a bar cart, but bar carts aren’t only for styling alcohol (contrary to their name) Style it with books (much like the Serena and Lily one).

Bar Cart from Target, Styled by Emily Henderson Bar Cart from Target, Styled by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson showed this bar cart from Target and I did a double take. A more affordable version of the Serena and Lily (but if both were the exact same price, I’d pick the Serena one – but still … the price is hard to beat) The photo on their website doesn’t really do the piece any favours, which is why I’ve shown Emily’s photo too.

Target Bar Cart Target Bar Cart

Just me, obsessing over certain things. Today it’s bar carts. Tomorrow it will be something new. Back to work. Actually, I’m going to go stare at the Serena and Lily one more.

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shop finds / West Elm

I’m on the hunt for a few things for a few different makeovers I’m involved in and I’ve found myself on West Elm’s site a lot window shopping. I’m loving the collections their bringing in, which made it a natural fit for this week’s “Shop Finds”. A favourite piece include the Atelier Stella Vases which they have brought back in with some new styles and, my old favourites. (They sold out the last time so if you liked them like I did, now would be the time to grab one.) They are so ridiculously perfect. And new (I think) are some Stella mugs (not shown above). That blanket is calling my name for the winter, and I’m in love with the simplicity of the accessories. Take a peek! xo Linds


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shop finds / One Kings Lane

This is the first post of a new series I’m starting for my blog –  I often come across new finds in stores, whether it be online shopping or browsing stores in person. I haven’t known how to share these in an organized way that makes sense, so I’ve decided to label it as a series called “Shop Finds”. To kick it off, I’m sharing my finds from One Kings Lane, which is one of my favourite websites for decor finds / inspiration. The pricing isn’t always budget or inexpensive but I have purchased some things when a PERFECT item appears. Their e-mail marketing is so awesome (You can sign up via my invite link here) They send e-mails daily with the best inspiration for interiors. 

Lately they have been featuring a lot of Mid Century Modern pieces, and Palm Springs inspired decor which is big on my radar for both graphic design and interior design. 

Affiliate Links Used, read more here. 

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Obsessed With / Plug-in Wall Sconces

1. Princeton Jr. / Schoolhouse Electric 2. Flynn Sconce 3. Boston Sconce  4. Restoration Hardware 5. House Of Troy 6. Hyde Park Swing Lamp 7. Boston (in Nickle Finish)

So here’s my newest obsession. Finding two sconces for our TV room.

I posted this to Instagram the other day and thought it was worthy of a full post here. I’m thinking of adding in two wall sconces above the fireplace and in between the linen roman blinds. We have little light in this room (other than sunlight – of which there is plenty) so at night it tends to be terribly dark as we rely on one lone table light. It hasn’t posed too much of a problem because really, we use this room for watching TV – so you don’t need much light. But it would be nice to have some extra ambient lighting, especially during the winter months.

Number seven is my favourite by far but also, by far way out of reach for my budget. So I’ll keep searching and maybe come across something comporable, or, save up for a few years and invest in ones I really, really want. But it does seems pretty pricey, especially when you factor in you need two lights. I thought I initially wanted white, but black does seem like it may fit in nicely, tying in with the fireplace below. But I’m also open to brass – thoughts?

Ps., You can comment in Instagram too!

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A roundup of the best lighting stores online

While searching and searching for the right light for the kitchen, I’ve been pinning, saving, and bookmarking sites that I visit. Truthfully, I’m somewhat obsessed with lighting. It can change a look of a room instantly, and add some beautiful style for little investment in some cases (for example, Target’s lights below…you MUST check out) But did you know places like Etsy also have amazing light options? Anyhow, should you be considering some added decor and, lighting is on your list – this list below may be of some help. And of course, if you have any other online resources that you love please comment with them below!! I (and other readers) thank you. xoxoxo Linds

Ps., Just a note that not all places ship to Canada. That doesn’t restrict me from considering places to shop, as if something is totally the right thing I have a mailbox set up in the USA.;)

Visual Comfort Co.
Shades Of Light
World Market


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roundup of some of the best brass hardware

brass hardware

I’m digging the whole paint + update the old furniture thing right now. It’s terribly relaxing, which confuses Aubrey. (He walks in the door after work, I say to him – “Peace out, I need a break. I’m going to go bust out my paint sprayer and paint some furniture”. You may think I’m kidding. But I’m not) But part of updating furniture means also, many times, updating hardware. Occasionally you can get away with using the original hardware but I’ve found that 90% of the time – replacing the hardware is a crucial element to modernizing a piece) So I decided to do a roundup of some of my favourite pieces. I’m right now focusing on brass, because I have always loved the look and also, I think it’s pretty much the trendiest / coolest thing ever.

download (28)

Lion heads. Ugh, I can’t get enough. That bad boy is from Lee Valley my go to place for hardware.

download (29)

Schoolhouse Electric knocks it out of the park with their brass hardware.

download (30)

Like the ones above. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Aren’t they droolworthy? (Available at Schoolhouse Electric)

download (31)

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So a little more about some of them…

The School House Electric ones (1, 2, 3, 4) are heavy and obviously of quality. The knobs (1,2 and 3) have a brushed finish to them that I ADORE but it’s so hard to find. I love, love their hardware.

The knobs (5, 6) from Lee Valley I’ve used on my side tables – you know, that Ikea Rast hack from 2008. The handles have worn well, and are in my opinion pretty timeless. Then we have the drawer pulls..

download (32)

The drawer pull (7) from Lee Valley is gorgeous. It’s hammered detailing makes it stand out — but also comes in at one of the most expensive, at $18 per piece. Although too rich for my blood for a piece that has a lot of drawers – consider using this on a single drawer piece perhaps like I did here. If you like the look of brass drawer pulls – consider Martha Stewart’s available at The Home Depot for under $2.00 each.

download (33)

The Lion’s heads are pretty awesome. I love the one from Lee Valley (2 inches) – it’s large and stately. I also love the one I picked up from my local Home Depot. It’s not shown on the Canadian site but the one on the US site looks rather similar.  The picture on the site doesn’t really do the lion justice, it’s really rather gorgeous for a $2.00 pull.

download (34)

Anyhow, there you go! Some online resources for gorgeous brass hardware.Schoolhouse Electric
Lee Valley 
Home Depot