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Living Room Refresh – Planning Stage (Fireplace?)

After 14 years in this house I started to itch for a change in our living room. I think it’s 50% pandemic fatigue and being in the house and 50% just my own personal style changes. Thankfully Aubrey has been patient and encouraging of my need for change, and has been supportive with need for changes. Here is how our living room was as of a few months ago.

As you can see from the top, to the picture below – I took down the gallery wall and, console table.  So far the only thing I have done is repainted the wall and added a new pillow. LOL. The couch and coffee table are staying, as are our built in bookshelves.

I’m debating what to do along this wall, and have been wondering if we could add in a gas fireplace much like the ones below – a full bump out with minimal mantle.

Image via

Image via Westgrove

Image via WestGrove Instagram

I’ve also torn apart the dining room and TV room so the whole first floor is pretty much being redecorated. 🙂 (More on those rooms later) I have my feelers out to fireplace shops to see if they could suggest a model based on our space. Stay tuned!


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Fabric Love

TonicLiving released some new fabrics and I’m obsessed with this one (above). I want to make a dress out of it for Summer. Well, I can’t sew, but I may bribe my mama to try to make something for me out of this.

I had ordered some samples awhile back as we’re considering redoing our bench in the kitchen (which is why I have been pinning Breakfast nook inspiration like crazy for the last six months). I LOVE the fabrics above. The one on the bottom left I love as an option for a bench (spills would wipe up so easily!) and the one on the bottom right I was considering for remaking Oscar’s headboard. I ended up buying a Queen duvet cover from H&M that mimicked the look at less of the price. But I’m still a fan of the fabric. (More on that project another time but bottom line – divert covers are a great source of fabric on the cheap sometimes).

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H&M Home – Sale!

I’m a huge fan of H&M. I hate going out to stores to try to find clothes, so I’m one of those people that relies on stores that offer free shipping and returns. It has helped me dress myself, Oscar, and, even decorate my home. H&M has a crazy amazing homeware line and they are having a sale right of 15% off so I wanted to show you some of my faves.

I bought a handful of these hooks a few weeks ago for our front hallway with the hopes that they would work. We have plaster walls so Aubrey has indicated they won’t go up easily but I’m reluctant to return them as they are SUCH A GOOD PRICE.

I love anything marble and have a few of this style of box around my house to store little crystals, found objects or treasures. Marble NEVER goes out of style, and bringing a natural element into any room, adds some warmth (even if it is white)

This throw is absolutely stunning.

I’m leaning towards the relaxed Cali vibe in my design / decor loves and a wood hook panel like this would be beautiful against a white wall.

I’m in love wth this blue stripe duvet because the stripes look extra chunky which is a nice variation on what I typically see on the market.

I will talk about this one in an upcoming post, but I was looking for a similar fabric to this duvet from Tonic Living to replace Oscar’s headboard fabric with. The price tag for the fabric was sadly too much considering we’re likely going to renovate Oscar’s room in a few years time. I then stumbled upon this duvet in a similar fabric and purchased it. I used it to recover Oscar’s headboard but it is the SOFTES fabric. I would totally get this for the house, cottage, cabin. It’s so beautiful and well price for what you get!

This would be pretty cute for St. Patricks Day. 

Here are some of my faves!

* Affiliate links used in this post. H&M sale valid through 03/04/2020