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Healthy Living / Recipe for Cauliflower Soup

A year ago next week, I cut a ton of stuff from my diet. Sugar, carbs, processed foods. At first it feels like there is nothing left for you to eat. I was so used to “quick” foods like muffins and pizza slices, that it took my brain a little bit of time to get adjusted to the new way of living, but once I found a few key things that I loved to eat and were easy, I never looked back. One of these meals was my Mom’s cauliflower soup. It’s something that I’ve been making all year round, but it’s especially perfect for Fall. My Mom and I use our own Vitamix to make this soup, but I was given an opportunity to try the new Vitamix V1200 Smart System Blender so I thought I’d take this opportunity to document the soup, and also try out the new blender.

Step 1:
Cut up 1 whole sweet onion and some garlic (optional). Put it in a big pot, with some butter, and sauté it until it is clear.

Step 2: Cut up 1 whole cauliflower. Once your onions are clear, add the whole head of cut up cauliflower to the pot.

Step 3: Add 1.5 Cups of water to the pot, and 1 pouch of Knorr Chicken Stock into the pot.

Step 4:  Boil the cauliflower in with the onions for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to check the water levels. You don’t want the cauliflower submerged in water, but you want the water about an inch from the top of the cauliflower in your pot. (See the picture above).

Step 5: Once your cauliflower is super soft, turn off the oven, and put everything into your Vitamix blender. I start with putting the cauliflower in first, then I pour the water from the pot in afterwards. Blend it slowly at first, but I do a good high blend.

Step 6: Depending on the size of your cauliflower head, you usually get 1.5 Mason jars worth of soup from this. Store in the fridge – my Mom swears that it tastes better the day after making it. She’s the pro, so I go with what she says.

I personally garnish it with scallions and some fried onions as a treat from Costco for some crunch. I eat it both hot or cold – both are delicious! I use my Vitamix for EVERYTHING so I’m going to have fun trying out all of the features of the new one – as it boasts some pretty snazzy features that my old one doesn’t.

All pictures and opinions of this post are of my own. The Vitamix Venturist V1200 was gifted to me by Vitamix. #VitamixAffiliate

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Healthy Living / All Natural Home & Body Products

2019 is my year for trying to choose healthier options. I’m slowly replacing things in my cupboard or pantry as they are used up and replacing them with healthier alternatives. One of the changes I’ve brought into my home has all natural cleaning products.

My friend Stacey from LoveFresh has the best line of all natural products and this past fall, her company expanded their body care line into soap bars and home cleaning products – in addition to their line existing line of natural deodorants, shampoos, lotions and their baby line.

What I use daily:

House Cleaner //  I use the dish soaps and new spray cleaners (OB-SESSED) daily. They are infused with the most beautiful scents and make you feel good about cleaning with natural ingredients, but they also get the job done and make your house smell ridiculously fresh.

Deodorant // I go between the Rose Deodorant and the Super Strength one. I’m on a Rose kick these days (I can’t get enough of it) but I also am obsessed with the scent of cedar and saffron – that the extra strength one has. When Oscar gets older, and needs deodorant he will not be using an of the chemical ones, and the Super Strengh one is a perfect scent for guys (or, the unscented). If you’re unsure about whether it works (it does) or if you like a scent (you will surely find one you will like, opt for a travel size first to get a feel for it. 

Available through / / and local retailers

Who I Read For Healthy Choices:  Check out Karalynne’s Instagram page – @Just.Ingredients for some great info on what to choose to bring into your home or, put on your skin, or feed your family. It has been a bit of an eye opener for me!