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Creating A Backyard Retreat with Lowe’s / Reveal!

This reveal is two fold. Wahhhhooooo! So you finally get to see the pieces I picked from Lowe’s in my home that is a part of my collaboration with them – but as an added bonus, you get a pretty reveal of our new garage build that Aubrey and I took on.  It’s amazing, and, has solidified that we’re pretty much never, ever moving. Ok, going back a few years — This was the back of our garden in 2009.


And this is it now.

The reveal is obviously pretty dramatically different. And I’ll go into it all soon. The inside of the studio is being worked on and that will be shown at a later date. It’s pretty amazing the whole project. I promise I’ll go into more detail of the whole build but I do want to talk about the furniture that makes this space usable for us as a family and, for entertaining. When Lowe’s reached out about creating a retreat, we were wrapping up the build but the space isn’t really “liveable” without furniture. What finished off the outside space were the four Dorchester individual chairs chairs from Lowe’s, that I knew were perfect for this space. We used to have a couch back here and it really didn’t work (so we moved it up to our porch) and I found that Dorchester individual chairs was much more practical and, comfortable for guests. I use this area a ton with my girlfriends after school and likely during the summer – as we have a garden (sprinkler!) and a lane where they do chalk and ride bikes.


The chairs are AMAZING for a number of reasons. First, they are wide and comfy, perfect to make you want to stay and relax. The arms are wide, wide enough to hold a drink – which means I’m not in dire need to fit end tables or, have a coffee table in the middle of the walkway – which is a thorough way for the kids. The arm width is actually a huge bonus for me, as it does mean I don’t need more furniture and we can keep it simple.

IMG_8640 IMG_8662 IMG_8661 IMG_8663

I seriously, seriously adore the set. Individual chairs are the BEST and I highly recommend them for your own space when considering relaxing with guests!


Picking berries to eat off our Saskatoon Berry Tree. 😉 Happy Summer Days.

The furniture was provided to me compliments of Lowe’s Canada.
Dorchester individual chairs sold at Lowe’s Canada.

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Reupholstering Outdoor Furniture


The only picture I can find of my “blue” couch.

In 2009 we purchased a blue sectional sofa that was *almost* perfect – except it was blue. It was the only reasonable outdoor sofa on the market at the time. Short on funds, but needing something for the exterior, we purchased what we could. The sets “bones” were good, the cushions were comfortable and the only unfortunate element was the blue, which I never warmed to. But we bought it, because I figured I could live with the blue, as long as it was comfortable. Continue Reading →

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Lilac Season


The garden lilacs are in bloom! They are my absolutely favourite.

I picked up a set of two white teacups from Collected-Joy last week, and I’m using them as little vases.($15 for a set of 2)

IMG_8042-2 IMG_8041

I also found these beehive brass candlesticks at a little vintage shop, which was pure luck as I’ve been searching online for them forever. They tend to be pricey when you find them online, but if you see them in a store grab them!  Anyhow, just some little shots from the house. xo

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Creating a backyard retreat with Lowe’s / Part Two


Backyard Inspiration (click on image for source)

When designing a backyard retreat, one thing I’ve come to realize that really is best is to have “zones”. A zone for playing, a zone for eating, a zone for where you may sit solo, or, invite girlfriends over to sit and mingle as the kids play. When Lowe’s invited me to create a backyard retreat with them it was perfect timing as my “zones” had finally become clear. Construction for the most part on our garage (on the exterior at least) is done, so we could now focus on the entertaining aspect without tools being around. For me, it’s now time to start “decorating” the outdoors, much the same I do (and obsess over) for my interior. The zone I really wanted to focus on was the entertaining area for when we have friends over on Summer nights. A place where we could sit as adults and talk amongst eachother, while the kids ran (and screamed) elsewhere.  Continue Reading →

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Insulating your planters

When I went to the Beech Nursery a few weeks back I casually mentioned I was buying my hostas for planters. One of the fellows there (I didn’t get his name unfortunately, but he’s always there + is awesome) asked me if I had insulated planters. I didn’t – I was working with these old wood planters I had bought at an auction last Summer, and was fixing up. He led us through the nursery to show us something. I thought for sure we were going to shown a new planter or, something expensive to solve my dillema but instead he took me to the planters at the front of the nursery to show me this… Continue Reading →

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A gem in the city – The Beech Nursery

Komodo Dragon Hosta at The Beech Nursery after the rain.

If you live in Toronto’s East end let me introduce you to my secret nursery, that I adore. Beech Nursery is tucked away on Carlaw avenue, south of Lakeshore. It’s small but what it lacks in space, they make up for in knowledge, packing the place full of the best plants (I picked up the most beautiful Komodo Dragon Hostas) Side note. I’m OBSESSED with hostas.  Our front garden Linden tree was purchased from them, and planted by them too. The owners are amazing, helpful (patient with newbie to gardening people like myself).  Anyhow, if you’re looking for beautiful plants for your garden, take a peek at this secret spot! We have worked on a little planting in the backyard and they gave me an awesome tip, which I’ll post about shortly. But for the time being, this is a little gem in the city! xoxo