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Obsessed with / Global Style

Untitled-2I’m tweaking the house a little bit and I’ve found myself gravitating towards well travelled looks, bohemian, and natural pieces. I’ve stumbled on some amazing pricing on some pieces, so you and I can get the “look for less”. I called this the “Global Style” but I’m not sure if that’s an accurate description for this roundup. Pretty much whatever the look is above, I’m obsessed.

rug / fringed cushion cover / large wooden tray / black glass vase / laundry basket / towel / black and white cushion cover / blue and white cushion cover

If your budget allows, then some more designer pillows may be up your alley. I’m a big pillow hoarder and feel like pillows can instantly change a room, so am guilty of splurging on pillows like these…

afind these here 

xo Linds

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Obsessed with / Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I’ve found myself obsessing over Moroccan Wedding blankets lately. The white (obviously) is a love but the layering of textures and the sparkle of the strips of trim have me swooning. There is something about the texture that is just divine. A quick search of Etsy brings up a plethora of sellers, selling from Morocco straight to your doorstep. Here are a few of my favourites that I have been saving for some time now… Continue Reading →

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Currently Inspired By / Iridescent + Holograms



Flatware // Shoes // Globe Hanging Light // Pouch (via our shop) // Table //

When I’m building product lines for The Penny Paper Co. or, building a collection of patterns for my licences – I am naturally inspired and aware of what’s trending. Sometimes it’s a colour (pink), or a product line that I have a gut feeling will be a good fit (enamel pins). And sometimes it’s just an obsession with something like holograms or iridescent that has been making it’s way into the market for awhile. My love affair with holograms and iridescent is rooted in the fact that it is a retro trend – bringing us back to the days of hyper-colour shirts, mood rings, hologram stickers —our childhood. I’ve been in love with the retro trend for over a year and the Spring collection for The Penny Paper Co. will not disappoint, if you’re in love with the retro stuff like I. Anyhow, here is what has caught my eye lately. xo

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