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I’m a Genius. Switching out muffin tins for donut trays.

This all started with some ripe bananas, and some silicone donut molds. I’ve been making Oscar things that normally would be “muffins”, but instead now, in the shape of donuts. It’s earth shattering. I’m a cool Mom. I make donuts. I also tested out this Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal recipe and it was divine. 

That is all. Some COVID baking tips. 🙂 xo Linds

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Breakfast Cookies

In our neighbourhood we used to have the loveliest little bake shop called, fittingly, the Beaches Bake Shop. Anna baked the best Swedish goodies and the little bakery was warm and inviting and Oscar spent his toddler years going with me on dates here to try Swedish Cinnamon buns, breakfast cookies and I would in turn enjoy some coffee in peace. Anna closed the bakery and is now in Sweden, but the memories of her bake shop are still strong in both our memories. A friend, Janice, posted a cookie the other day, and it was exactly the same cookie that Anna used to make in the bakeshop, and I immediately whipped some up and Oscar DEVOURED them. No flour. No sugar. No eggs. And yet – AMAZING. Here’s Janice’s post on Instagram.

1. Take 2 ripe Bananas and mush them up
2. Add 1.5 cups of Quick Oats (see my note below though)
3. Add some extras like chocolate chips, coconut flakes, cranberries
4. Roll into balls and flatten – bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes

Janice mentioned Quick Oats but I used these and it was totally fine!


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Healthy Living / Zucchini Fritters

Just over a year ago I eliminated carbs and sugar from my diet. Crazy right? I mean, TWO halloweens of not eating a single candy. My mind and body feel totally different. It wasn’t easy at first, I won’t lie, but the benefits were quickly obvious and I haven’t looked back. As someone who HATES cooking, one major road block was realizing I had to make my own food. Because when you eliminate things like sugar and carbs from one’s diet – nothing “prepared” out there is really all that great for you. So, you have to make your own meals.

One of my go-to meals is Zucchini fritters, and I wanted to share it here because not only do I love it, but Oscar and Aubrey do too. I make a TON at once, because I stick the leftovers in the fridge and they keep for a few days. But they never last that long because people go in and grab them morning, noon and night. They are THAT good. Here is my recipe and a one of my favourite speedy videos that I’m obsessed with making.

– 4 Zucchini’s
– 3 eggs
– 1 cup of Almond Flour
– Garlic Powder
– Parmesan Cheese

First things first, I get a TON of Zucchini’s because I like to make a bunch to go in the fridge.

Shred all the zucchinis. You can use a grater to get them shredded, but I found that my Cuisinart Food Processor with the shredder attachment was the best.  I love, love, love this machine.

Once you’ve shredded the Zucchini, you have to press out all of the water out of the shredded veggie. It’s a very watery vegetable, and you will want to squeeze out the liquid. This will help with cooking – trust me.

Now with your “dry” zucchini, you will add your 3 eggs, Almond Flour, and Garlic Powder to the mixture. Garlic Powder is done to your taste – we love it, so are liberal with shaking it in. I add 1 full bag of Parmesan cheese.

Mix all of the ingredients together.

I use this electric griddle for when I’m doing big batches of things and it never fails me. This part takes awhile, you have to be patient,.




I just fry them with a little butter (good fat!) and they take awhile to brown on both sides. Don’t make them too thick or they won’t really cook. Thinner is better.

You can also put them in the oven. This time around I tested a baking sheet of them in the over at 350 degrees, to see how they would turn out – and they were AMAZING, Aubrey and Oscar preferred the baked, but I preferred the ones made on the griddle. The benefit to the oven baked ones is that you can set it and go. Frying you need to watch it a bit more closely.

Tools used
1. Cuisinart Food Processor with shredding disk attachment
2. Black and Decker Griddle

Food Used
-Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour 
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
– Garlic Powder