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Just Launched – Photography Collection

So fun news! My photography collection has launched!

The backstory is that I’ve been sitting on my photography collection for a few years now, wanting to launch it … but a few things held me back. As a creative I want to make and make and find new ways to explore what I love and photography is something I adore.  I take photos that I want for my home – bright and airy, California and chill. It’s my escape from my business life, and brings me so much happiness.

So as much as I want these photos in my own home I kept hearing from others that they wanted them too. But I faced road blocks along the way.  Continue Reading →

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New Patches

I recently did a talk at my alma mater, Trent University, Lady Eaton College to a group of students about life after University and the world of self employment. When explaining my company, and the breakdown of the three brands it entails (Penny Paper Co., Lindsay Stephenson Collection and The MOQ Agency) I talked about how The Penny Paper Co. was my heart. The reason being (providing finances allow) if I come up with a product idea I can run with it and do it.  I come up with ideas and can run with them as I like, which is CRAZY fun. Alternatively the other brands I have less control over – the bedding and swaddles are picked by others, and the MOQ we’re creating product for others. All unique and fun, but with the Penny Paper Co. I can do rainbow patches if I feel like doing rainbow patches. Huzzah! Which leads me to … Rainbow Patches! We launched some patches – if you couldn’t tell. Pop over here to see. xo 

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Tree Thinning then Trimming, 2017

We picked up our tree from the Loblaws lot around the corner. Over the past few years I’ve taken to thinning the tree out. I’ve done this for two reasons. The first, it’s a preference in looks (I’m drawn to the more “I cut this tree down on my own” look as opposed to the huge full tree.) But the second reason I do this is because the less branches allows me to get more ornaments on the tree and the lights look better. I take my gardening shears and pick an area to work on, step back, assess, and then go back in and cut some more.

And some more….

The next step is to string the lights. I use 90% coloured lights and 10% white. (I’m making that % up. I don’t really know. But my tree is basically all coloured lights)

Charlie’s first Christmas! (Mak was being grumpy on the couch)

There are those 10% of white lights I was telling you about.

And then….

Excuse the pine needles, and the random wire hanging from the edge. It is not staged, nor a professional shot. It was taken while I sat on the couch drinking our pina coladas (Our new tradition) listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album, admiring our tree.