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Living Room Refresh – Planning Stage (Fireplace?)

After 14 years in this house I started to itch for a change in our living room. I think it’s 50% pandemic fatigue and being in the house and 50% just my own personal style changes. Thankfully Aubrey has been patient and encouraging of my need for change, and has been supportive with need for changes. Here is how our living room was as of a few months ago.

As you can see from the top, to the picture below – I took down the gallery wall and, console table.  So far the only thing I have done is repainted the wall and added a new pillow. LOL. The couch and coffee table are staying, as are our built in bookshelves.

I’m debating what to do along this wall, and have been wondering if we could add in a gas fireplace much like the ones below – a full bump out with minimal mantle.

Image via

Image via Westgrove

Image via WestGrove Instagram

I’ve also torn apart the dining room and TV room so the whole first floor is pretty much being redecorated. 🙂 (More on those rooms later) I have my feelers out to fireplace shops to see if they could suggest a model based on our space. Stay tuned!