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to the coast

We packed up the child, loaded the car and headed off on a road trip across Canada – destination, the coast. This Summer it is the East. I’m looking forward to doing the West sometime soon. I have salty hair, a child that is experiencing an amazing summer, and a husband that is an expert at navigating roads and booking hotels. You can follow along on Instagram or follow the hashtag #ToTheCoast2017. Now to fall asleep to the Ocean waves crashing on the beach.

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Installing our RING Doorbell that I bought on

I’m partnering with for the rest of 2017 to bring you some of my favourite finds for you and the home.  I’m a huge fan of, I’ve been a Prime member for the last year and every week or two make a shop for something for me, or my home. I’m also a member of their affiliate link program – which is a great program to sign up on if you’re a blogger.

Although there is a joy in browsing my local stores (I think you should totally support your local shops) there’s a place in my life for the online marketplace of Amazon. I typically shop with them once a week or, every other week. As a busy Mom, at 12 am when you need to get things checked off your list, pressing BUY and having it show up the next day is a game changer. It makes my life easier and I’ve been using for over a decade. Not only is the convenience of shopping online what draws me to their market, it’s their HUGE selection of brands and products with big brands and small brands that I may not otherwise get introduced to. And what seals the deal on purchases are the reviews from other people who have purchased the item so I can really get a sense for if the product is for me.

I’ll share some picks and purchases over the next few months but I thought I’d dive through my buying habits over the last 30 days which I think explains why I love the site so much. The thing with is that I’ve been able to find products I haven’t otherwise been able to find. AND, you can bundle them all into one shipment. So you don’t have to drive to a local health food store, park, go in and buy and then drive across town to the home store to buy the rest. Ok, so here’s my random purchasing to give you a taste of why I love it so.

I wanted to try charcoal tooth paste (no joke) and there it was. And the reviews are ridiculously helpful. People post pictures (showing me their new white teeth) and help me choose which product to pick. Result, it’s kind of fun to brush your teeth with this black stuff.  You can see people’s actual reviews of products and whether they are verified purchases which is helpful. (See below)

I wanted to try one of those micro needle rollers after a friend talked about how amazing hers was, and how her skin was glowing. Instead of searching all around Toronto – had a bunch and I picked the one that had the best reviews. Purchase result –  It is awesome and I’m hooked. Although Aubrey is unsure about his wife rolling her face with mini needles.


In one of my late night, sleepless nights I bought a tree bag watering system for our front tree and am obsessed with that too.  (Seriously, I was seeing them all over Toronto and had no idea where to get them so went to and typed in “tree bag”. Bingo. Result – I feel like my tree has grown a foot since I started. Although I’m not sure about that. But I’m happy with my purchase.

And one of my bigger purchases was our RING Wi-Fi doorbell. My friend Erika bought one for her house and I was impressed with how it worked. I loved my no hassle experiences with and simply went online and noticed it was comparable in price to other retailers but the shipping with gets me every time. I know it’s reliable and fast, so it’s a no brainer that I just buy from them. A day later it arrived and Aubrey was installing it. Result – Love it. Highly recommend.

So as you can see, from face needle rollers for your beauty routine, to charcoal tooth paste and wi-fi doorbells that you can answer from across the world, carries everything. I’m excited to tell you about more of my picks between now and the end of 2017.

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mini getaway

I escaped to our family cottage last week – It turns out I hadn’t enrolled Oscar in any camps (oops!) and work commitments were light, so I packed up my laptop, Oscar, some clothes and made a beeline for the cottage. For the amount of time that I grumble that technology is all consuming, it’s also what allowed me to pickup and work remotely from a little cabin on the water. For the mini getaway my Mom joined Oscar and I, and then for the long weekend Aubrey came up too and, my sister. (My brother is busy getting the restaurant in Peterborough open so couldn’t come – if you’re in Peterborough, and stop by the brewery or restaurant ask for Pete and tell him I told you to say hi!Continue Reading →

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Dining Chairs

The latest obsession I have is with dining chairs. It goes in waves what I start to research day and night. Right now it’s dining chairs.  It started with the studio. Hunting for the right table to have in there, and, what chairs to put around the time. But then a bunch of meetings needed to happen and we neede chairs out there someway immediately – and so we temporarily moved the dining chairs out from our dining room and into the outdoor studio. We can’t move them back and forth all the time, so it means one room – either the dining room, or studio, need new chairs. Continue Reading →

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giveaway / what would you pick?

Pop over to Instagram to enter to win your pick of any item over in the collection. Simply follow my IG page, comment with what item you think you’d like (no worries if you change your mind!) and tag a friend you think would like it as well. Contest ends Monday, so add this to your to-do for the weekend! Comments have been closed on this post to avoid confusion (it’s only over on Instagram) Have a lovely weekend. Open to US + Canadians.

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taking a break in a world of ever flowing content

photographing the new bedding line

I’m coming off a creative rush over the last year.  I’ve been on the constant output of creativity for my business -The baby line. The bedding line. The baby swaddles. The Penny Paper Co. product line has grown. Even a new business. Each one has different energy, excitement, processes, manufacturings. It has been a wild year and I’m thankful that I’ve been offered opportunities like these. But the creative rush is also a manic one sometimes. Creativity can be all consuming.  Continue Reading →