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Building a mini boardwalk

The walkway connecting the side of our house to our garden has been wrought with issues – grass wouldn’t grow there, and in the winter months it would pool with water and turn into an ice rink. In Summer  it is just a muddy mess. We decided therefore, while we were adding wood cladding to the pool that we would keep the momentum going and build a mini walkway by the gate. A mini boardwalk, which seemed fitting also as we live close to the Beach.

It started with us digging out the ground, in order to place some rocks for better drainage. We were originally going to just make a straight walkway and end it parallel to the stairs – however I decided at the last minute, much to some annoyance of Aubrey, to connect the walkway with the staircase, in order to make the whole area seem as one, and create a “pond” of our grasses.

It ended up making it a bigger project than we originally assumed, as now we were tying in the walkway with the stairs. But as it started to come together, it was clear that the extra effort was indeed worth it.


I am so ridiculously happy with how it turned out!

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