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Nine year hiatus from painting

I did an abstract collection 9 years ago – it was the most beautiful collection that I truly adored. I sold them all (except for two) and I often wonder where they hang in people’s homes. Once they all sold I found that I couldn’t paint anymore. Nothing inspired me to paint and although I tried putting the brush to canvas, nothing looked right. So, I packed away my paints, and decided to move on.

Eventually found a creative outlet in my photography – the lens became my paintbrush and I found happiness pouring my creativity into that medium.  Obviously I also get the luxury of having my business being a creative outlet as well. But I need outlets outside of my business, to express my crazy wild ideas that come to me. Painting was that, and then – and still now, photography is too.

Fast forward nine years, and over the last little while, the pull of the canvas creeped up again. I dusted off my paints, pulled out the canvases, and I found myself spending days and nights painting. As a result I created my second series of abstracts.

It’s really interesting to compare the style that emerged in this series compared to my 2011 collection. Although the two series – 9 years apart – are similar, there’s more confidence in the colours and strokes.

Ps., those two paintings from my 2011 collection I put up sale last week (one of the two has sold already). The second series is also now live on the site. (This photo is from that series and, one of my favourites).

Available at www.LindsayStephenson.Shop

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