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Basement Updates Part 3

And the wall build (from this side at least) is complete. If you go through the archives you’ll see the progression of this space. But going back to the verrrry beginning of the home reno you can see the left hand archway in the below picture, is the area that we filled in.

We’re already hanging out down here WAY more, as it’s nicely separated from the hustle of the main floor. The countertop was a surprisingly easy decision after we researched quartz, or custom pieces (traditional counters for a kitchen). It wasn’t worth the investment, and I was going for a more “chillaxed” vibe down here anyway, so unfinished wood was in my sights, specifically the whitest wood I could find (that was affordable).

We went to Lowes and I decided Poplar had the right tones I was looking for. A single piece of wood wasn’t big enough for the cabinet top, so we had to find two pieces that I felt seamlessly worked together. This took a bit of time as some pieces were yellower than others or, had big knots in them.

Lowes isn’t the best at cutting wood to size according to Aub, whereas Rona is way more helpful. So Aubrey took the wood to Rona, to get them cut so that they would simply fit ontop of the cabinet perfectly.

Since the space felt more “done” now, we hung my Bad Guy Print. 

To remind you of how the space started originally when we first started …..

I’ll show you the updates on the other side as it gets completed! xo

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