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Testing a “Skin Spatula”

I love gadgets, especially ones that claim big things and then actually deliver. I was intrigued by this thing called a “Skin Spatula” – a generic term for a little handheld device that is used during facials and vibrates with ultra sonic vibration to help remove gross stuff from your face. I was hooked after watching some youtube videos. Now, there are super expensive ones and then cheap ones – I opted for a cheap one off —  and guess what. I’m. Obsessed.

I have used it twice, paired with my favourite skin care products of the moment (which happens to still be Rodan + Fields but you can use whichever one you like!) and my skin was visibly in better shape the next day. It helps get out blackheads and oils, and well, icky things.

Word to the wise – Don’t do this before going out because I did look a little like a tomato after I did my face but after a few hours it settled down.

Just a fun little tool to add to your wish list or shopping cart on Amazon. And go watch some videos on “Skin Spatulas” to see others – although there are a ton of models they all pretty much do the same thing.

Xo Linds

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