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I’m a sucker for a beautiful pillow. Unfortunately my tastes run a little on the more expensive side when it comes to my obsession. I’ve refrained from indulging in any new pillows lately (the cost, oh the cost) but these are a few that have been “added to cart” a few times as I debate switching things up in our house. If you’re looking for some beautiful pillows, here are a few from ETSY above that I adore.

Pillows from Chango Shop (One of my favourite designers! She can do no wrong)

And these beauties from McGee and Co. Ugh. Obsessed. (Also one of my favourite designers. She too can do no wrong)

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    September 20, 2019 at 2:30 pm

    These pillows are gorgeous! I love them! Here’s an article I think you might like: How to Use Neutrals In Your Home

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