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I did a little Fall cleanup of my businesses, to have a clearer mind as I walk into Fall. With Holiday orders for already in building up, I took the opening of time during a slow day last week and made some changes. Taking stock of your business is always a great way to set goals, cut out what isn’t working, tighten up spending (my bookkeeper Julie would roll her eyes at that statement as I am not one to tighten up spending). – Photography, Bedding and Swaddles!
First things first, I closed down the store – This is where I sold my photography prints as well as the baby swaddles, pillows etc. Although we had enough sales to warrant having the website, I felt like it really wasn’t needed. Also, with the new addition of Charlie Pickles – managing 3 e-commerce stores was a bit overwhelming. (Not to mention expensive). So where can you find the artwork now? I moved my framed prints to this here website – and you can find it under the main navigation above, under SHOP, and then PHOTOGRAPHY. The other products – baby Swaddles, bedding are moving to the Charlie Pickles brand, and we’re expanding the baby swaddles patterns and launching them under Charlie Pickles.

Lindsay Stephenson Group Inc. 
My main business profile is listed under my Incorporated name, The Lindsay Stephenson Group Inc. It was a static website without much changing content, which seemed like a waste of great real estate. It’s always nice to have fresh relevant content on websites so we’re writing a business blog over there with free resources and tips + tricks. In addition to this, I’ve opened the doors to consulting, which I’ll properly introduce another time. But if you’re interested in business tips (like where to get great buttons / stickers, or packaging ideas) this new blog is for you.

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