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For the past year (or two) my hairstyle of choice has been a top knot bun. I mean, it’s easy.  I resorted to this hair style for a few reasons. 1. I’m tired in the morning and have no desire to style my hair and 2. I was having a hard time taming my thick hair. Annnnd, I didn’t love it. However, one day last Spring I was picking up Oscar school. I was coming straight from the salon, having got my my hair cut and blown dry.  Oscar saw me, ran up to me and ran his fingers through my hair and said I looked pretty. Then that night lying in bed, asked if I’d wear it this way. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out ways to style it without seeing my hairdresser to blow dry my hair on the daily (I mean, how nice would that be?) or, be spending a ton of time on it. Here are some of my finds that have cut down on my styling time and given me some super shiny hair without the weight of a serum. I mean – I still rock my top knot bun but I’m getting into the blow dryer life too.

KRISTEN ESS products

Kristin Ess Blow Dry Mist.
Available: / Target
Details: I spray this on before blow drying and I swear it actually does cut drying time. It’s not oily or sticky, and gives me gorgeous shine and no flyaways. Hooked.

1. Kristin Ess Detoxifying Bubble Mask
Available: / Target
My friend recommended the Kristin Ess Hair Mask but I couldn’t figure out which one she meant. Instead of  clarifying like a normal person would do, I decided to buy both Hair Masks I found as product seemed to offer different benefits. This morning I tried the Bubble mask and I’m obsessed. It goes on your dry hair before a shower – it’s like a bubbling mouse that foams up and tickles your scalp. I’ve never had quite a sensation before. But after leaving it on for 3 minutes like the bottle suggested, I washed my hair and it actually was squeaky clean after. Like, literally. When I was pulling water out of my hair, my hair squeaked. And my roots felt lighter and not weighed down. On the website it says “This bubbling scalp mask instantly removes oil, build-up, dead surface skin cells + debris. Use it as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment on dry hair before you shower” I’m in love. Ps., I need to try the other mask but I’m saving that for a night in type of ritual.  

Kristin Ess Iconic Style Professional Blow Dryer 
Available: / Target
This was a little bit of a splurge because I technically already have a hair dryer (But it’s old and, makes me have like massive frizz) I had some birthday money in my sock drawer and decided to get myself this hair dryer. First of all, it is white. Second, the price point is WAY better than a Dyson Hair Dryer.  What intrigued me was the Ionic feature of the hair dyer. According to the description, the “Innovative ionic button allows you to tailor your blow dry to your hair type or style.” So when you have the Ionic button on, it “creates smooth, sleek styles. Ideal for thick, curly of frizzy hair.” Which I have. But then if you push the Ionic button off, the hair dryer “opens the cuticle to give hair more body and bounce. Use this setting to create volume or add texture.” I left the house today with super smooth hair and was asked by two people if I had just come from the salon!

So there you go. Some of my new favourites for cutting down on time, but getting some super shiny salon hair. I’m now a loyal fan of Kristin Ess products! 

xo Linds 

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