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Spring Cleaning / Wood Deck Care

Our deck gets a lot of wear and tear over the winter, snow sitting on it, us walking over it. It got pretty grimy and gross …. so as soon as the weather got slightly warmer I broke out my power washer and started going to town on getting the deck in better shape for the Summer. 

After doing a once over with the power washer, I washed down the deck with a homemade solution that my friend gave me the heads up on. I used 10 cups warm water + 2 cups TSP + 2 cups Bleach. You liberally get it on your deck and after it sits for a few minutes, you start to clean the deck using a deck brush. (I used one from the dollar store).

A quick rinse to get the solution off, after you have brushed it and gotten dirt off, leaves you with a ridiculously fresh deck. Next up I’m going to go over the deck with the Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Waterproofer – a clear coat product that makes the deck last even longer.

This was the before… Magic!

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