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At Home | New coffee table

We added a new coffee table to the living room and I’m in love. This is the coffee table I grew up with, sitting by as people gathered in my parents living room. I’d sit on the floor and put my head on my Moms lap, as she’d play with my hair. Originally purchased from @theartshoppeto– many, many moons ago it was at the heart of our family gatherings forever.

15 years ago this table was put in the garage when my parents did an extensive renovation to their home, and redecorated. This table has been in the garage ever since.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and his brother in law flexed their muscles and moved this granite coffee table into our living room and it feels like it was always supposed to be here. We’ve already played Connect Four and Othello here, eaten dinner around it and had coffee dates by it.

Not only do I love the look in my home, I love that it remains in the family and will continue to be at the heart of family gatherings.

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