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A pause…

Happy New Year! Let’s get right into it. I have totally let my beautiful blog get taken over by weeds, dust and spiders. Life is busy, my priorities are much different right now, growing this company and this one, trying to find balance mentally, figure out how to juggle working and being a wife, mother, friend and so on. The blog suffered and it was a result of my poor planning, lack of time, and really – a busy (lovely, totally awesome) life. 

And so. I’ve decided to voice, and put to words, that the blog is taking a wee pause. Officially. Over the next few months I’m taking stock of the things I’m doing and figuring out how all of the pieces work together. 

This isn’t a goodbye post, as I fully intend to come back. I have blog post ideas coming out of my ears and things I want to share – but I need to reevaluate the direction of the blog. We have big plans for the years ahead, and all must be blogged about – but for now, you can find me on Instagram and Pinterest

See you soon my friends. xo Linds

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