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Back Garden Updates

We’ve started the process to demolish and rebuild our back deck. Here’s the stat of it, and you can see the rotten wood planks that were just getting worse and worse.

The deck is gone (above) and you can see I’m starting the process to stain the fence black and remove some of the garden. I’m trying to save my hydrangea bushes that you see right in the middle, and they will eventually go by the stairs of the new deck. Along the black fence I’m planting some tall linear trees to add some height and, some eventual privacy. I ended up picking a golden dawyck beech tree. 

Next stage is to get fence posts put in, and we’ll be putting up a fence with the neighbours that we love. It’s tempting to keep the fence down because it looks so beautiful so big, and we love them – but it will be lovely for everyone to have some extra privacy. Stay tuned for some more updates! xo Linds

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