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Did I mention I was going to do the National Stationery Show in New York? It has been a little bit of a whirlwind from deciding to do it, to leaving on the plane to returning. I had binged on other people’s posts over the years in hopes of one day attending, created Pinterest boards on booth designs and tried to absorb as much info as I could prior to doing it. When it finally came time to sign on the dotted line and do it, it was pretty much go-go-go from that moment on.

It was around December that I decided to just do the show.

I felt that after having done the One Of A Kind Show Christmas market a few years back, a show like the Stationery Show was kind of a walk in the park. But there were very different stresses.

  • The most obvious difference was location. The Stationery Show is in NYC and One Of a Kind was here in Toronto. It made the Stationery Show harder to do – or at least harder to jump into, because of different being in a different country.
  • Product – Unlike a show like the One Of A Kind, you don’t have to stock your booth with product for at the stationery show, which means you don’t have to invest in a ton of stock and have it on hand on the show, and wonder if it’s going to sell.
  • Catalogs – You need catalogs for at NSS vs. the One Of A Kind because one is selling directly to consumers and one is to retailers.
  • Hours – The hours at the National Stationery Show were WAY better. One of A Kind killed my mojo on a daily basis.

Obviously there are a ton more differences – one is open to the public, one to trade only, but I found the One Of A Kind Show way harder to do. So I was pretty prepared for booth life in NYC for a few days.

We got to NYC and I had had the booth itself, already installed by an outside company. This made my life WAY easier and was also my only reason why I felt that I could the show. There was no way that I felt that I could handle making a show booth here in Toronto and having it shipped to the USA. I mean it is possible, and lots of people do it, but managing a busy business on a daily basis, running after Oscar, and dealing with anxiety I didn’t want to add to it. So I spent extra to have someone else do it.

We installed the logo, the same from the One Of A Kind Show, using velcro as opposed to the pre drilled holes that we had spent a ton of time doing at OOAK. Turns out it wasn’t necessary and heck, velcro was way easier.

I was going to do fancy shelves, and had it all planned out but then it was becoming a logistical nightmare. So to keep things easy (and that was my go to rule for this show – keeping it easy) I opted to attach products directly onto the walls. In an ideal situation I would have had shelves, but my main focus was to get there. And get there we did, and it worked out perfectly! Here are some shots from the show!

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