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Just Launched – Photography Collection

So fun news! My photography collection has launched!

The backstory is that I’ve been sitting on my photography collection for a few years now, wanting to launch it … but a few things held me back. As a creative I want to make and make and find new ways to explore what I love and photography is something I adore.  I take photos that I want for my home – bright and airy, California and chill. It’s my escape from my business life, and brings me so much happiness.

So as much as I want these photos in my own home I kept hearing from others that they wanted them too. But I faced road blocks along the way. 

The first hurdle was logistics – how was I going offer them to others in a way that was an easy purchase for someone –  and it worked with my work flow of already managing a busy studio. I’m mindful not to set myself up for failure – life is good at throwing us curve balls at the best of times, so if I can do enough pre-planning to avoid issues the better. (Like finding a great company to partner with for framing – who wanted the art to shine like it should) I

My second hurdle was my own insecurities, which I battle all the time – when you put your work out into the world for people to see or judge. I could go on about what my brain was telling me, but I think we’ve all experienced that annoying voice that seems to creep up when we want to try something new.

The solutions I found were these — The first was that after 2 years of searching and trial and error,  I found a framing company that I adore, that makes frames with mouldings from Italy and are glorious. My art will come to your doorstep in a weeks time (USA and Canada) made to order and are beautiful. I’m also not launching prints for sale as it added a different layer of complexity on how to ship just the prints. They framing option means my framer will drop ship for me, so less hands are handling it and it gets to you faster (and, at a better price).

I’ve realized that the second hurdle is only overcome by taking leaps of faith and doing it. By doing it, you’re one step further than before, and that should be celebrated. (So take that leap if you’re holding yourself back) And once I did “it” and put them out into the world, I felt better. And guess what!? Collected-Joy offered to display them at the store which wasn’t on my radar, but that’s sometimes what happens when you put yourself out there. (Plus Sharon at Collected-Joy is just the bomb, showing support for people like me)

The pricing starts at $140 CDN (8×10 print) and goes up to $395 for the huge photos. Eventually, and ideally one day I’ll offer just the prints which will make it more accessible for other budgets, which I am sensitive to, but for now this is the way for me to release them into the world in a way that I am proud, and I know you’re going to get them and love it as much as I do. If you’re in Toronto pop by Collected-Joy to see them in person (and tag me in a photo so I can see!!!)

SHOP ONLINE: www.LindsayStephenson.Shop

xo Linds

Ps., Are you a designer? Shoot me an e-mail as I do have a trade program.

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    Krista Philbrick
    August 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Hi. I’m a design-builder in Toronto. I love your photographs and would like to be set up in your trade program, please.

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