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My skincare routine that I LOVE

This post is 100% not sponsored. I was never given any samples free, any discounts – I bought this line 100% myself and love it. So knowing that…read on. 

This past Summer I was having coffee with my girlfriends Larissa and Patricia, and Patricia was telling us about a skincare system she using that she adored. It was in passing, and she just mentioned how much she loved it. Her skin is ridiculously beautiful, so I was intrigued by her recommendation. I wasn’t really originally paying attention, but she mentioned the brand, Rodan and Fields, and that it was by the doctors who came up with Proactive, and, that you buy it through a rep. I’m always hesitant to these things, but seeing her skin and doing some google on my own sleuthing, I was pretty surprised at the results that I was seeing. Patricia, loving the line, later became a rep herself a few months later.

So I decided to look into it. Some backstory — I sometimes felt like my skin felt “dull”. There was nothing overly wrong with it, except I felt like I needed to exfoliate ALL the time to get that pink dewy look. Which doesn’t work by the way, because I would aggravate my face. When I was asked about what kind of skin I had by Drug Store people, I’d shrug. I had NO idea. I waved my hands around my face and was like “give me back my youthful glow!”. I’d buy exfoliators, tones, and skin care lines – and spent a ton because I would try one line, then try another later. Things were piling up in my linen closet and on my vanity.

The good stuff that I would buy wasn’t cheap, and the cheap stuff that I would buy wasn’t good. My linen closet was overflowing with a mismatch of products, and I had no routine in place.

I knew at this point in my life – what I was using wasn’t working.

So hearing about a system that worked together, and that you had a consultant (in my case my friend Patricia) to help you (instead of walking randomly into a mall or, drug store) was amazing. Plus I trust Patricia, she tells it as it is, and since she started off buying it herself from a rep, loved it and later on became a rep herself, was a testament. I started off with the Redefine set. (You can do the Skin Solution Tool here.) There are a few different sets, all designed to help different types of skin sensitivities and your own needs.

So the REDEFINE set. It comes with things labeled 1. 2. 3 which makes it SUPER easy to remember the steps. (There is also a morning cream in the package, which has SPF in it but I haven’t shown it). The daily cleansing mask I put on at night while the bathtub is running and it dries – and then I wash it off in the tub, and do my nightly routine after that.

I loved the results so much I eventually added the scrub, the eye cream and serum to my regime.

I LOVE THAT SCRUB. You use it a few times a week and it gives me the glow I obsess over. And the eye cream. Ugh. Love it.

I met up with Larissa in the school yard, and I commented on her skin. And he said …. “Rodan and Fields!”. So there you have it. I also get compliments from Aubrey now on my skin, and I never wear any makeup. It’s the. best.

If you’re looking for a fantastic skincare routine, try it out. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. 

I did tell Patricia I wanted to do this post, and she offered to share my 10% discount that I get because I paid for the monthly program, and she’ll give you free shipping to the first 5 people that place an order with her.  You can reach out to her via this page. Or e-mail her at [email protected]Tell her I sent you, I get some friend bonus points and you get the discount. 

Ps., I just got my reorder of toner in the mail, and my new eye cream (that I ADORE)

Contact Patricia: or e-mail her at [email protected]

Ps., I threw out ALL of my other skincare products. I didn’t want to mess up a good thing, so all of the toners and scrubs and washes in my house are gone. It was liberating!

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