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Meet Charlie

In the Summer we started the process of adding a new family member to our family –¬† a Turkish Angora kitten, who we named Charlie Pickles. We drove to a town 4 hours away, stayed in a hotel over night as a family and the next morning picked up Charlie to bring home.

I chose a Turkish Angora as a new member of the family because of their temperament. Friendly, loyal and companions – it was what I felt would be a perfect addition to our family and for Oscar. We have MakMak the Cat – a stray we rescued 13 years ago, but she isn’t really a companion to Oscar and, well, hates everyone, so well, there’s that. We love her, but she’s not a cuddly type. And I really wanted Oscar to have a pet he could be involved in. I’m not a big dog person, and wasn’t up for the task of a rabbit – and we made the decision to add a second cat into the house.

So far the introduction of Charlie to the house has been fine, with Mak ignoring Charlie and bopping him on the head if he gets too close – which he seems to think is a game.

Charlie is also deaf, which is not unusual for the breed. We were told of his lack of hearing when the litter was born and we were given the option to have him РWhen we talked about it, the breeder said that deaf cats are often more affectionate and hang close to you. Having been with us for a few months now, Charlie has gotten used to our habits and where we hang out and when.

He’s taken to Oscar, which has been so fun to watch. He actually sleeps in a cat bed beside Oscar’s bed, and when Oscar gets into bed for bedtime stories, Charlie will curl up in his bed and go to sleep. He’ll follow Oscar around and snuggle up.

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