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Aromatherapy in your home

I’m all about creating a peaceful, quiet home this season. In part for self preservation, also because it’s a lovely feeling to have a calm home. The main thing I’m doing is going sloooow this Christmas and not putting too much pressure on myself. But I’m also upping my essential oil game in the house to bring peace and relaxation.

Have you adopted using aromatherapy in your home? If not, you need to ASAP. And you need to throw out your heavily fragranced candles and room sprays that claim to absorb smells in their spray bubbles. Don’t do it. I’m going to show you what you need to get a beautiful cozy aroma in your home, that will help you relax, and without the chemicals that the other stuff gives off.

When people come to the door they 9/10 times say when I open my door “Your house smells so nice”. And I’m like Yup. It does.  Oscar picks his favourite scents for me to diffuse in the house, and often likes to curl up in my bed to relax while it’s going off. There is something so powerful about aromatherapy, and I could go down a rabbit hole of stories about how good it is for you and your family – but this post is to help show you some items to get from Amazon, that will help you introduce a healthier alternative to room sprays and scented candles – without having to feel like you’re going super hippie.

1. Diffuser / SHOP HERE
I have a few in my home. I have an expensive one in our living room and some cheaper ones in other areas. Do I love my expensive one? Yes. Absolutely. But could I afford one for multiple areas? No. Which is why these are great. If you’re looking to start diffusing essential oils in your home get one of these, to see if you like it. I bought a super inexpensive one a few years ago, fell in love, and gradually worked up to the heavy duty one. All you do is fill it with water, and put a few drops of an essential oil you like it it – press the button, and a mist comes out gently scenting the room. I’ve sometimes put too much oil in and it’s way too powerful, so it’s a bit of a learning curve to figure out what your tolerance is. TIP: If I’m going out for the day or the weekend I’ll fill it and put oil in, so it’s really strong – which means when I get home the scent has dissipated but is still around. It’s so lovely.

2. Oils / I love this line of oils 
You can get blends (which are mixed oils together by people who know how aromatherapy works) or, straight up simple scents. The straight up simple scents like lavender, orange, eucalyptus and others are great for helping around the house. I use some for health – if Oscar is sick I’ll use eucalyptus on his back with and oil or, rub some on his feet. The Lavender I may give him a after bath massage with, or put some drops of lavender on a wool dryer ball (like this one) drop a few drops on it so it absorbs, and hide it behind his pillow. This means he falls asleep to a sweet aroma of the relaxing lavender – and it’s all natural and no nasty chemicals. This is my favourite scent ever. 

3. Dryer Balls / SHOP HERE
Like I mentioned in 2 above, I use my wool dryer balls a lot in the house for uses other than drying clothes. I will drop a few drops of an oil on the balls and put the balls hidden in Oscar’s room so he gets a gentle aroma in his room. I also put one in my linen closet so my towel come out smelling all divine.
Available here / here

4. Books
If you’re interested in learning more – which you don’t NEED to do, you can simply just enjoy aromatherapy without reading books – but if you’re into it like I am, then you may like these books this and this There really are a TON. 

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