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Recent Purchases / Cleaning Machines

I’m obsession with cleaning gadgets. Vacuums, steam cleaners, and more vacuums. Here are some of my recent purchases that I love.

No. 1 Hoover Power Scrub / Buy Here
I used to own another carpet cleaner but it started to fail on me. I switched brands to a Hoover, and I’m in LOVE. With two cats in the house, a 7 year old and his friends trecking through and even Aubrey occasionally walking over carpets in his outdoor shoes, I find that on a few occasions during the year, my carpets benefit from a nice wash. This machine regularly goes between my Mom’s house and mine, as we have pets that choose to barf and pee in the most awkward of spots. This machine is SO much fun so you can see the dirty water when you’re done cleaning your rugs,

No. 2 UltraSonic Cleaner / Buy Here
I’m in love with  most recent gadget purchase is my UltraSonic Cleaner to clean my jewelry. I posted it to Instgram stories when it came, and immediately went to town cleaning things. It is SO MUCH FUN. I don’t totally get what it’s doing, and how it works, but Ultrasonic cleaners are THE BEST. My jewelry is all shiny, I even cleaned a bunch of other random things like my glasses, my electric tooth brush head. I use regular dish detergent and BAM! It cleans my stuff with a magic light and some vibrations.

No. 3 Bissel Spray / Buy Here
I am a devotee to this spray. MakMak our cat likes to occasionally barf on our carpets and a quick spray of this on anything and you watch the stain dissappear. It’s AMAZING.

No. 4 Dyson Vacuum / Buy Here
I purchased this bad boy after our last vacuum bit the dust (get it, dust? Hardy har har) and it’s AMAZING. Truthfully, any Dyson would be amazing but I love this one. I vacuum just to see what it picks up (and it picks up a LOT)

Ps., Check out the before and after of when I wash my watch with my ultra sonic cleaner. 

Putting my watch in the clean water


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