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I’m a low fuss makeup, beauty routine person. I’ve been itching to dive into makeup and try some natural ways of highlighting features, but in all honesty I prefer the natural glow of skin, some gloss on my lips and at most a flick of mascara on my lashes. Over the Summer I’ve added a few new items to my beauty routine and as we get into the school year and routines, I’m hoping to get into my own routine of health and taking care of my skin. I’ve partnered with to tell you about things I think you may like, but since I’m such a shopper on the site I can actually share things I’ve purchased, and continue to use. So are some things that I’ve purchased from over the last year that are a part of my daily routine.


The most recent of habits is using this Derma Roller. I was introduced to microneedling  when I overheard my girlfriend Patricia talk about how she had been using one with her skin routine and how she loved it.  I thought she had been roped into a gimmicky toy. I didn’t give it a second thought until  I happened across one on Amazon and read the reviews (amazing reviews) and the price was way less than the big brand name she had mentioned, so I decided to add one to my cart – I thought, what the heck. If it’s awful I’ll chuck it. I actually was prepared for it to be awful. But guess what. It wasn’t. It actually is AMAZING. Curious to know more? Read this article on Reader’s Digest. Or this one on Vogue where they write “Why Microneedling Is the Next Big Thing in Skin Care” I use mine at night and in the morning I always have a lovely glow.


I LOVE my Clarisonic and bought it from and I continue to buy the replacement heads from Amazon. It’s a staple in my washroom for my evening baths – which is when I tend to do my daily facial wash.


Perhaps not exactly part of my beauty routine, but I would consider it part of my healthy home initiative. I’m big on aromatherapy, I think it helps calm, and helps with colds – also, oil blends just make a house smell beautiful! My favourite scent is this, and I add a few drops to my wool dryer balls, in my room diffuser on each floor of our house. I also buy my carrier oil from Amazon, which I pump a few drops of the oil into my hand, and the add a drop of essential oil into the coconut oil and massage it on myself, or Oscar – which is super helpful with winter colds (use Eucalyptus!) Here are some of my favourites!

No. 4 FEET

I loved going to get a pedicure for the only reason that I like my toes painted and the foot massage. I HATE the scrapers that they pull out and usually ask them not to do it. I instead use this gizmo at home and it’s a nice way to treat the feet without having someone go at your foot with a razor.

No. 5 My 20X Mirror

I kind of love seeing my face close up so I purchased this 20x mirror to have by my window in my bedroom. It’s small (I’ve yet to find a bigger 20 x mirror on the market for sale) but it’s terribly fun to have if you like getting super up close to your pores. 😉

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