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mini getaway

I escaped to our family cottage last week – It turns out I hadn’t enrolled Oscar in any camps (oops!) and work commitments were light, so I packed up my laptop, Oscar, some clothes and made a beeline for the cottage. For the amount of time that I grumble that technology is all consuming, it’s also what allowed me to pickup and work remotely from a little cabin on the water. For the mini getaway my Mom joined Oscar and I, and then for the long weekend Aubrey came up too and, my sister. (My brother is busy getting the restaurant in Peterborough open so couldn’t come – if you’re in Peterborough, and stop by the brewery or restaurant ask for Pete and tell him I told you to say hi!

It turns out that my friends over at Mad Batter Bakers have been cottaging all this time on the same lake, and upon finding this out they did a drive by with the boat and tied up to the dock and, delivered some cookies to Oscar. (Oscar has a love for that crew, they treat him so kindly)

I’m happy to be home though, with Oscar in a full day camp. It’s good for him to have some routine. We’re heading out on a road trip soon, so I’m busy getting ready to shut down the shop for my annual vacation and inventory (yay. inventory). Anyhow, this has been a terribly boring post. But a little snippit of life.

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