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taking a break in a world of ever flowing content

photographing the new bedding line

I’m coming off a creative rush over the last year.  I’ve been on the constant output of creativity for my business -The baby line. The bedding line. The baby swaddles. The Penny Paper Co. product line has grown. Even a new business. Each one has different energy, excitement, processes, manufacturings. It has been a wild year and I’m thankful that I’ve been offered opportunities like these. But the creative rush is also a manic one sometimes. Creativity can be all consuming. 

When the creativity flows, my mind doesn’t rest. I lie in bed at night and colours dance around my head. I feel the intense need to create, to put these instincts to paper, computer, and so on.  It has been a year of all this, and needless to say, I have been feeling a little on edge. I’ve found some techniques that help keep the creativity flowing, but at the same time allow me some zen in the zone. It helps. But it’s the nature of the beast that creativity is all consuming.

As the whirlwind of a year was still kicking up dust around me, school let out a few weeks back and Oscar came home – and for the first week I wondered how on earth I was going to keep going at the pace I was, with now an irregular schedule with half day camps. But then something happened, and the projects all wrapped up, and my mind was at ease. The shop found it’s groove and slowed down (as it does every year at this time), I delegated work to others and I found myself last week sitting on the couch having a quiet moment. And I realized, I had my first moment of zen, in what seemed like forever.

And while enjoying this moment of zen I immediately started the to think – What do I do next? When you’re constantly going, and you have projects on the go – and then it naturally slows down, my initial reaction is to start putting the kindling back on the fire, to build it back up again. What do I do next? What’s the next product?

Although the creative process is manic sometimes (it is all consuming sometimes that I can’t sleep) the lack of it is equally unsettling because you wonder if your creativity will come back. Of course it will. But the mind can play tricks on you. “Everyone else is creating! I can’t be left behind!” I think as I watch my instagram feed of fellow creatives launching products or collabs.

But I’ve made a conscious decision to take a break and not force the work / creativity. To let my mind rest, and let the next wave of creativity come. And it’s lovely to just take a deep breath and feel some peace.

As I wrote this, I wondered why I was writing this. (I have no idea, by the way) But what impact would it have on someone reading this? Perhaps it’s coming to the realization that we can give ourselves the permission to be quiet, to enjoy lulls in creativity – in a world where we’re bombarded with images, DIY projects, home renovations that people are doing. Or watching fellow entrepreneurs have milestones and accomplishments pop up on your feed all.the.time. The pressure to go-go-go – whether you’re a blogger, designer, product maker or creative is all consuming. And we have to realize it’s ok to take a break (and not even acknowledge it as a break on social media) It’s ok not to have something to share all. the. time.

Anyhow, I’m going to leave it at that. I’m enjoying sketching for the sake of sketching, DIY’ing for the fun of diy’ing, and now writting this post because I have the metal clarity to write a post. Breaks are good, and should be welcomed.

xo Linds


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