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The latest obsession I have is with dining chairs. It goes in waves what I start to research day and night. Right now it’s dining chairs.  It started with the studio. Hunting for the right table to have in there, and, what chairs to put around the time. But then a bunch of meetings needed to happen and we neede chairs out there someway immediately – and so we temporarily moved the dining chairs out from our dining room and into the outdoor studio. We can’t move them back and forth all the time, so it means one room – either the dining room, or studio, need new chairs.

Here’s the thing. I actually want to get rid of our dining room chairs all together as they just aren’t my style anymore (they almost identical to these) I’m craving some chairs that are lighter, have a lower profile, and are more modern vs. the traditional look I had before. So the end goal is to sell these chairs to recover some of my costs, and put them towards new chairs. So studio and the dining room getting new chairs. But realistically it will be one space.

I can’t stop obsessing over this photo that I spotted over on Instagram (below). It’s just everything I want and more.

World market has some but they don’t ship them – regardless of whether I’m in the USA or Canada. Ugh. I shake my fist at you World Market!

I’m hoping the trend becomes a little more mainstream which sounds weird, but it then would mean it hits stores here in Canada relatively soon, or, I’ll perhaps fall for a similar look for less. But here are some beauties that are available that have caught my eye.

Ps., If you or anyone you know are in the market for 4-6 ridiculously well made chairs identical to these shoot me a note. I’ll eventually bring them to a consignment store to sell but if anyone in the Toronto area wants them I’d prefer to sell them that way!)

Update // I just noticed Studio McGee posted a roundup of some stellar dining chairs so if you’re obsessed like I am, check out their post!

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