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Choosing flooring for the studio

So more on the studio. I was originally going to leave the studio floor concrete – I’ve seen various pictures on Pinterest where it looks stunning – super buffed, high gloss – it looked dreamy, modern and a look I had hoped to achieve.  

The best way to achieve that look would be to actually *buff* (or burnish) the floor with a large machine.  But I didn’t have it in me to do that. So I looked at doing a sealant where you achieve the high gloss look. But reviews of so many of them came back lack-luster, that I was feeling unmotivated to attempt it. (The ones with the better reviews were pretty expensive). Slowly as the studio came together – the walls went up in the studio, and I painted it in Simply White, the more I started to debate the concrete floor look. Aubrey agreed, and it just looked dirty – as opposed to hip. So we went out shopping for tile. Being an outdoor space – a hardwood or laminate was immediately out of the question. But tile wasn’t.

I debated (briefly) something like Cle Tile and was drawn to their vibrant designs. The problem I have is that I’m terribly uncommitted to looks – I’m influenced by trends. My budgets, however, aren’t as such that allow me the luxury of changing my decor with the seasons. So as much as I liked the crazy floor look I knew it wouldn’t be wise. Even if I DID want to go with the look – the tiles were way out of my budget. So off to the tile store we went.

I had decided on a wood tile look, to keep the look of the beachy vibe I was now going for. I loaded up the car with samples to see them in the light of the space, against the wall colour. Some were too grainy, some looked too much like laminate. I didn’t want the floor to stand out, I needed it to truly blend in with the decor.

In the end I picked a light wood tile that looked like aged wood – a somewhat of a continuation of the deck boards outside the studio. Doing this made the transition from outside to in less jarring, as it’s a small space – so I really wanted to make it flow.

It’s coming along!

Image sources // Concrete floors / image / image
Tiles // Purchased from The Tile Store – Ps., We’ve gone here for all of our tile for the house and love them

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