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Happy Monday. Spring is here and oh so lovely. Here are a few photos from over here. Two major projects I’m excited to announce this week have been keeping my brain busy and feeling so appreciative and also, had me looking at where I am right now thinking it’s SO strange. Had you told me 10 years ago that some of these projects would be what I was doing, I would have told you that you were bonkers. But you do these things, feel grateful for opportunities and just keep plugging away on the path. I’m excited to announce them so stay tuned! Ps., Here are some photos for now and some captions to give you some little windows into the world over here.

I went to the Christie Antique Market on Saturday (my first time!)
and within 10 minutes found brass flatware for a steal and didn’t hesitate to buy.

The last clippings of lilacs from our garden.

Wallpaper sourcing.

Mak just follows Oscar everywhere.

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