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Bean Bags!

Oscar has been asking to paint his room red for a little over two years now. Right off the bat, let me say that we are NOT painting his room red. But I do want him to have some say in his room design. I’ve been trying to figure out how to temporarily add some of his wishes into the room – without a huge investment. You see, we’re planning on gutting Oscar’s room eventually and reconfiguring his space as he grows. But for now, we’ve been trying to find little added elements to make sure his room feels like “his”.

Lazy Life Paris reach out to me via e-mail a month ago and introduced their product line and when I saw the word BEAN BAG CHAIR I thought of Oscar and his room.

I checked out their website and was taken with their offerings and under $10 flat rate shipping.  They offered to send Oscar a chair – so I showed Oscar the website, and he immediately zeroed in on the big, bright red one. The “biggest” he said as he jumped up and down. And within a few days, a box arrived at our front door and Oscar and Aubrey pulled out a full, huge, red bean bag chair. And Oscar was SO excited. And he said to me “I don’t need to decorate my room anymore. This is perfect.” My sweet little one.

It’s perfect. It’s huge. Which a bean bag should be. Aubrey was thinking we should pick a smaller one, but for me, there’s something glorious about a bean bag chair wrapping itself around you as you snuggle in. Oscar sits on it nightly and reads his Minecraft magazines or coding book. Can you spot one of those silly fidget spinner in his room?

Oscar adores it, and I adore it because it’s *his* spot. It’s his chair. And it’s also super durable, perfect for (almost) 7 year old boys throwing themselves on it. We were gifted this chair for Oscar to throw himself on, but if you’re thinking of adding some amazing bean bag items to your home check out Lazy Life Paris – they have beanbag chairs, ottomans, chairs, and more.  The prices are reasonable,

Thank you to Lazy Life Paris for sending Oscar this chair. It’s the BEST.

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