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I’ve found myself obsessing over Moroccan Wedding blankets lately. The white (obviously) is a love but the layering of textures and the sparkle of the strips of trim have me swooning. There is something about the texture that is just divine. A quick search of Etsy brings up a plethora of sellers, selling from Morocco¬†straight to your doorstep. Here are a few of my favourites that I have been saving for some time now…


Look at this gorgeous one (above) I just want to have a bedroom that has this on it where it could be mine, mine, mine. Not where the cat goes to have her bath, where popsicles come in when someone has a cold, or – well, you get it.


Or these. If the blanket is too much of a statement or investment but you want the look, consider throw pillows for the home.


But the large blankets are just so divine and I’ve seen them used as rugs before. This one on Etsy is $260 (you should check out their shop, such great prices)


Look at the stars on this one!!


Then you can find some moroccan wedding blankets in pouf form in stores like Anthopologie…. (above)


Also at Restoration Hardware (OMG. Look at that!) Actually, there is a whole Moroccan Wedding blanket pouf collection over at Restoration Hardware. O.M.G Take a look.


I’M DYING. Look at these pillows that they have! I‘m in HEAVEN!

I can’t get over this look.¬†Check out my Pinterest board for extra inspiration! xx Linds


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