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Studio Build, Installing Shiplap


We’re still working away on the studio outback, hoping to have a larger amount done in time for me to host my holiday pop up shop for friends. The weather has been AMAZING here in Toronto, proving to be super ideal for working outdoors!



If you follow me on Instagram you likely will have seen some Instagram stories of how the space has been coming along. We’re using Metrie wall paneling to finish the space. It’s an interesting process, this studio, because it has come together quite organically. As it was coming together over the Summer, it started to feel like a cottage in the city, this little space. And it started to take on a personality of its own. This is where the shiplap walls, as you see above, being installed by Aubrey, came to be. At our cottage, which is comfortable, old school and has orange shag carpet, my bedroom has white shiplap walls. It has been there forever, 20+ years since we’ve owned it. So I pulled from that, and replicated it here. This space will be multi use – A place for kids to have movie nights in the Summer (I bought a projector for this purpose!) and the occasional pop up shop. I plan on also using it for when I need to do big photoshoots, which I tend to do often. There is a nice amount of light in here, so it is fantastic. The building is insulated, and we’re going to find a way to heat it – We’re researching fireplaces, codes and such. But costs may be prohibitive so it may end up being baseboards we go with for the time being.

But back to the build! The Metrie boards come in 8, 12 and 16 ft lengths (see source guide below if you want to find them at your local lumber supplier), which makes it easy to finish off walls with as little seams as possible. In our build we’re using a mix of 12 and 8 feet lengths. The height of the boards is 12 inches, with a seam in the middle. So it ends up looking like 6 inch boards on repeat.


Product Guide of Products shown in this post //  Metrie Wainscotting to replicate the look of shiplap. We’re using a mix of 12 (Product Code: MFP5812TG-12)  and, 8 foot (Product Code: MFP5812TG-08) lengths.

*Disclaimer / Metrie Products have been provided for our build. All other costs are our own. 

Ps., Observe the “Aubrey species” in his natural habitat, swinging from the rafters.



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