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Small Business Week 2016 with HP Canada

A milestone happened this year. This past September I celebrated 12 years in business. And for the first time in 12 years I was too busy to acknowledge it! Which is a shame, because twelve has a nice ring to it. TWELVE years. It has been a decade since I said “see ya later alligator” to a corporate job and hello to a world being self employed. Sometimes I reflect, especially as of late, that twelve years is a LONG time and the company could have been potentially much different had I put different priorities first. I wonder if my decisions were right and yet, here I sit, writing this post,  content with where I am at. The mind of self employment is always like this. Debating your decisions, hoping how you do things is right sometimes (just sometimes) wishing you had a boss who was the one making the decisions and taking the risks.

This Fall I made the decision to make some changes to how things were run over here. My companies have been changing and growing. I have some crazy amazing projects to announce, and with all of it on the horizon I knew I needed help.  I’ve brought on my first official help, Julie (I love her) who is helping keep things organized and running smoothly. I needed help to be more productive. She comes into the studio to work with me a day a week but also works for me from her home. I love how technology has made room for flexibility in the modern workplace. Technology has been at the core of my business, for without it – what I do would be non existent.


Which brings me to this. It was perhaps serendipitous that as all of this growth and need for productivity was happening in my office, HP Canada reached out to me, to celebrate Small Business Week (#SmallBusinessWeek2016). The offer was to collaborate to help improve workflow in my office. First of all, I’m a huge fan of HP prior to this collaboration. I own an HP laptop, which I purchased right after I gave birth to Oscar – and I was struggling to find time to go to my office to work. So the HP laptop was so I could work more remotely. I also only purchase HP Laser Jet in my office. I once switched companies for my colour laser, and instantly regretted it. So I continue to just use HP for printers. So the collaboration when presented was naturally a good fit as I genuinely love and, use HP products while running my company. So here we are, and I’m excited to share some behind the scenes photos thanks to HP Sponsoring a series of posts so that I can share with you, some examples of how I run MY business.

HP provided me with the following office essentials to help me run the studio / office more efficiently – an HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw , an HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1, and an HP EliteDisplay E201 PC Monitor and I’ve been unpacking them in my office, getting ready for a burst of productivity (plus I’m a sucker for technology so this is just pure fun) 


HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.

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