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New roman blinds for the bedroom

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We used to have white romans on our windows in our bedroom.
 They were purchased at Lowes when they came to Canada years ago, and were a steal. I can’t recall the exact price, but it was economical enough that when the backs of the blinds yellowed from the sun and made the white blinds white no more – I went back to Lowes and just bought the same set all over again.  However when the second pair discoloured from the sun I wasn’t able to find the same style in-store or, online anywhere. So windows have sat naked for years. (And, potentially why my neighbours may have seen ME naked for years)
Over the years I have been to all my big box store retailers & I was overwhelmed by the “custom” options that you see  (you know those BIG binders of blind options?) so I opted to just have bare windows. Custom also means non-returnable, which is where I get heebie jeebies too.

So as I do at night, I search online while on my phone. I came across this style of roman and was instantly in love. Well, I was intrigued. Online shopping is tricky sometimes. They were marketed as linen (my favourite), thermal (winter is coming) blackout (so no more nude shows for my neighours) and cordless (so easy to just pull down, or raise up) Also, they came in size 27″ width which wass the perfect size to fit within the window frame ( a standard window width size in older homes.)

The only downside was that they were more than my cheapy blinds from before, so they  sat in my online cart for about a week because they were more expensive than I had hoped. On the flip side, having had custom made blinds done before, I knew that the price was reasonable. They were blackout, thermal, AND cordless. My final stages was that I really paid attention to the online reviews. Online reviews are AMAZING. Purchasers not only post their feedback but also photos of the items in their homes -which has not only sold me on products, but saved me costly mistakes. Reading through the reviews and feeling comfortable with the linen colour thanks to someone who had posted a photo with her review, I ordered. And they arrived (free shipping!). And they were perfect. Aubrey installed them for me in under 15 minutes. I was Instagraming the process (watch the video below). We were on our way out for a date night and I was so excited about the arrival of the blinds that I got him to install them.


They are a nice change from the white that we used to have and they are blackout, which certainly helps in the mornings. The blind mechanism is smooth as silk (watch the video below) and a breeze to open and shut. It made me realize WHY they were more expensive than my budget binds. The mechanism was amazing, the quality of the fabric was divine and you had added features like blackout and thermal. So if you CAN afford a jump up from the standard big box store ones, AND you can find a size that fits your window – consider these. I’m in love.

Want to see us installing them? These were the instagram stories from Friday night that although were posted for fun, I realized actually did a good job at showing the new blinds in action. So here you go!

Where to Buy: Roman Blinds | Linen shade, 27 inch width

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    Heather Harris
    February 26, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Lindsay-
    I love your site! Your kitchen inspired me to do the exact same cabinets (Ikea). Now that the kitchen is done, except for the under cabinet lights, I am moving on to the bedroom. I remember that the side tables are an Ikea hack. can you give
    me anymore detail on them. i am having trouble finding your post on them.
    Thank you-
    Heather H. from Marietta, Ga

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