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Framed Art for your home


The purpose of my California adventure that I’ve been blogging about the last few weeks was to get in some photography. A small collection of framed prints have been released, and the easiest way was to have a little section over in The Penny Paper Co.

A few things on the collection – The prints are all framed with the option of a gorgeous white or black lacquer frame. The prints ship from my partner so it’s a great setup that allows me to get the art to you and in a great reliable way. I’m hoping to release the prints as unframed prints for you in the new year so that it makes it a little easier for those with smaller budgets for art.  Alas, I couldn’t get it figured out in time so right now the deluxe gorgeous framing is my first offering.

I’ve contemplated having them on Minted (you apply, submit your art for competitions) but I’ve yet to see an opening yet to compete in. It would be ideal to have that scenario (Selling on Minted) as they would be able to handle it all. Anyhow, we’ll see. But for now, the framed option is easiest for me to offer!

Check out the collection over here. 

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