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California Adventure, Part 1 – San Diego Coast

Aub, Oscar and I did a whirlwind exploration trip to California this Summer as a way to curb my obsession with all things Palm Springs. You can’t fly into Palm Springs (yet) direct from Toronto, so one of the ways was to fly direct to San Diego and, do some road tripping to get to my destination. A funny thing happened though – I was totally taken aback with how much I loved what I didn’t set out to see. The coast won my heart and although I loved Palm Springs – I’m still amazed that I’m more enthusiastic about the places I was terribly unenthused to go to. I went with the purpose to shoot some photography for my portfolio but mixed it with family vacation time.

So jumping back to the beginning, we flew into San Diego. We rented a Jeep and drove to the area of Del Mar and checked into the Hilton. The room was amazing and huge, the beds were ridiculously comfortable and I got the best nights sleeps. The only downside was that you had to pay for parking, even though it was no where a high traffic area (you have to drive to get to the beach / nightlife). But they have Starbucks in the lobby and the beds were again, amazing, so I was totally happy. Here are some highlights of our first leg of the trip – while in San Diego ….

First stop was LegoLand (Oscar’s favourite spot of all). It was awesome, and I loved it (even though I totally dislike amusement parks – this one was just plain sweet!)



Getting the kid stuff immediately out of the way (but again, I actually really enjoyed the stop) we drove along the coast and I got in some of my photography …

San Diego Coast

We stopped in La Jolla to see the sea lions



We ate at Cody’s (3 blocks away from the photo above) and it was the freshest food I’ve ever experienced.  It was in a cool house that was converted into a restaurant and had a sweet surfer vibe.



Dining out in Del Mar we went to Posiedon, that had a relaxed vibe thanks to the area. It was so relaxing and again, the food was so fresh. If you want a beach front table, make reservations. If you don’t, you’ll be seated inside which isn’t a negative – but Aubrey had hoped to have a beachside table.


The next leg of the trip was packing up and getting back into our Jeep and driving through the mountains to get over to Palm Springs … that’s next! xo


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