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New Rug


Do you recall my basement studio / family room reveal? It was pretty fun. But we’ve done a few mini changes since then! Originally we had a remnant stripe rug in our “family room” area of the basement and my cat barfed on it and ended up staining it. Thanks MakMak. Truthfully the remnant was more of a runner than an appropriate rug, and the lack of rug in this space was making it feel a little too cold and unwelcoming for my littlest. Who wants to do puzzles on a cold floor? Not us. Anyhow, I was initially craving something uber colourful and like these kilims I keep oogling over on Etsy and Ebay but alas, the fear of the purchase freaked me out (SO EXPENSIVE) and so it pretty much nixed that in the rear end. Also, since I stare at colours and colour matching in my office all day – I tend to keep the decor around me neutral. So, those rugs were out. Then I was on WayFair and saw that they carried Dash & Albert Rugs (I love them) which are indoor / outdoor (awesome for barfing cats + washing) and saw that the diamond pattern (one of my favourites) was sold online and had free shipping. As in, I didn’t have to go out, lug it into my car. Someone would drop it off for me. Side note, I’m getting into this whole “delivery” thing these days, which saves me valuable time. Like Grocery Gateway. Have you done it? Grocery shopping as you lie in bed, and shop on an app and you schedule when your groceries arrive? GENIUS. Anyhow. The free shipping won me over and it was also on sale. So there was that too. (It’s still on sale, I just checked!)


And here is MakMak. Staring at our new rug which she will likely barf on.


See more Dash & Albert Rugs on their site, here.

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