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If you wanted to know some more about where some accessories were from for my makeover that I did with Behr Paints, I’ve included some links below to where to can find similar items! Pssst. This light you can grab for 20% off! The code is below the jump!



Artwork / I collect vintage silk scarves – I find them totally inspiring for my own work as a designer but I also think that they are beautiful pieces of art so I framed up one of my favourite Vera scarves in a frame.  Next to it I have one of my own art pieces (the pink and white) sits on the cabinet too for a pop of pink.

Lighting / I also replaced out our old chandelier, which although I loved dearly (it was my parents as is the dining room table) I felt like we really needed something more “fun” and I fell in love with this West Elm light and opted for white to switch it up from the brass that I tend to gravitate towards. I think it looks like floating bubbles! / UPDATE! I just received an e-mail August 23rd, 2016 that if you enter this code you get 20% off your order! Enter the code JG7X-8MJH-DMGN So go shopping!!!

Chairs / I kept the chairs that I had custom made by Silva years ago and they still work! I adore them!

The Dining Room Table / I grew up eating at this dining room table for Christmas Dinners, Birthdays and all celebrations. When we bought our house, Mom and Dad were renovating and redecorating their own, so we were given the table for our house!

Gold Flatware / Shopped online, shipped to my US mailbox – from Target

Paint / Paint details in this post 

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