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Dining Room Makeover, Part 1

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Three years ago I painted our dining room – a change from white, we went uber dark. The room hasn’t changed since then and, although everyone else in my family assured me it was gorgeous and fine, I never warmed to it. Repainting this room was also daunting. It’s a lot of work (two coats, priming etc), expensive (It took 2 gallons at least to paint) and I wasn’t sure what colour would work.  So the room has sat like this, unchanged, for three years.

A month ago BEHR reached out to introduce their MARQUEE® line of paints. The idea of repainting my dining room was at the top of my mind, but after all the work (two coats, priming etc) I wasn’t really interested in painting. But I read some more and saw that the MARQUEE Interior is 1. Top of the line 2. One Coat Coverage* (Ummmm, had to see this to believe it). All in one meant that it includes primer means that you can use as both your primer and your topcoat if needed. So one gallon for up to 400 sq. ft. and you’re set. 

Aubrey reminded me of a past painting project that I had done (undocumented because it failed so badly) – that I was using a paint + primer all in one paint. The paint was very inexpensive and it was a mess. It was SO bad. So my hopes were that this may be different. Because the idea of all-in-one is so appealing to someone who really has no time to paint (but hates her room colour). 😉

First of all, I had the colour to pick (I seriously stressed out over this for like 2 weeks). I wanted to see if I could make this dining room more “me” and took on the project. First things first. I went to the Home Depot where the Behr line of paints is exclusively sold and brought home two million paint chips.

IMG_4118One Coat Coverage
I brought home a pile of paint chips because I’m a very firm believer that you need to see paint in your home, in the room that you’re painting, before you can pick. I’m slightly OCD that way. Colours look soooo different in the type of lighting you have. I ended up going for Varnished Ivory MQ3-40. 

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Inspiration for the dining room makeover pallet

Varnished Ivory was more the vibe I was going for. I couldn’t go white, because I knew the room needed some warmth.Varnished Ivory seemed like a warm colour that was inviting. So I took the leap and, started to do paint around the moulding …. and I was pretty awestruck.

The Process 1

Ignore the colour choice for a second and let’s focus on the fact that this LIGHT paint was covering the DARK paint easily. Above is me just painting in with my hands – so it’s very, very light coats. I could already tell that this paint was different and when I started painting with my roller, it was even more obvious how different this paint is / was.

Excuse the shaky video (I was painting solo, in between dropping Oscar off at school) but I really wanted to document how thick this paint is and how glorious it covers.

The Process 6

LOOK. This is ONE COAT. It’s ridiculous! The whole room took me ONE gallon of paint. One. And that is me painting the ceiling as well. I’ve been telling all my girlfriends at school pickups about this paint (yes, I’m THAT person) because I’m legitimately impressed. It cut down on my time (no separate primer! no second coats!) and the paint was glorious and thick and just beautiful. Full honesty, they may have been asking about the painting because I had paint in my hair and all over my body, but it was a great way to explain how much I LOVED this paint. Stay tuned for the reveal!

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