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When I was a kid I had an art spinner and had the best time making random crazy cool paintings with it. I searched high and low for one and found that Alex makes one. It’s the best because it’s easy, and easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy – you simply put a piece of paper on the art spinner (it’s secured under some little hooks to keep the paper in place) and turn it on which starts spinning the paper super fast. You then drop paint onto it and then turn it off to see what masterpiece you created. It’s great for kids because you don’t need to supervise at all – except you will be because it’s somewhat addictive and I found myself asking for a turn. It’s hard to find in stores (I searched everywhere!) so here are some links to buy it online. But pretty much I’m just saying if you see it in your travels, get it. Because it’s the best, especially in the summer where I’d recommend you do this outside because paint eventually just gets on you. (As the child decides to test his / her limits with glitter / paint amounts)

Find Art Spinners online  /  / / Similar product via Target / / MastermindToys /

I purchased mine via Zulily for around $14 USD after searching for a few weeks. Alex had a sale on their website and I managed to grab a spinner on the site and I had it shipped to my US post box as we were travelling to the USA a month ago so it worked out.  Update! Although I went into my local MastermindToys to ask about the spinner (and they didn’t have one) I just double checked on their website and they have it too! So I’ve added it to the list above. But call before going into a store.

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