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Oscar’s 6th Birthday, Super Mario / Mario Kart

Oscar turned SIX last week. Six! This year was all about Super Mario. We have an old school Nintendo system (yup, it still works!) and he and Aubrey play it together. It was a no brainer to do a Super Mario birthday party this year. Here’s what we did!

Kraft paper + red + green + white = Piranha Plant.


If it’s a Mario party, the kids need moustaches.


And if it’s a Mario Kart Party you need to rent little motor vehicles to go wild in. I rented them from Mini Circuits (this is my second year renting them). They come and deliver the cars, and then pick them up for you.


And you need Mario Bricks to drive through!


I went to a recycled Box Store here in the East end of Toronto and bought a bunch of recycled  cardboard boxes at a fraction of what it would cost me to buy new. The boxes were in perfect condition, so even if you’re just looking for moving boxes you should check these guys out. After I loaded my car with boxes (actually I lied. They loaded my car for me) I went and purchased the brightest deep yellow as possible and a brick brown. Once home, I lay the boxes flat on the grass in the backyard and painted them with a roller. Within an hour the one side was dry and I flipped the boxes over and painted the other side. By evening they were dry and I was able to fold them and, taped them shut so they stood on their own.



Every kid got a mini trophy at the end. I picked them up from the dollar store, they are pretty cheesy but at the end of the riding – the kids were all awarded a trophy which was hilarious!


I picked up these branded “medals” from the Party store. 1/2 way through riding I chased after the kids and awarded them each a medal saying “You passed a level!!” It was somewhat impromptu but it had the kids so excited to see which medal they got.

Super Mario Birthday Party

It’s a tradition to have Piñata in our family (I grew up having one that my Dad and Mom would make every year). Oscar is growing up with the same. Unlike in my day, places like Party City are more popular now than in the 80’s so it’s pretty easy to find a Piñata that suits a theme – They have a whole Mario section, including this Question Mark box that I filled with Gold Coins. Because gold coins are a pretty important part of Mario!


I made mushrooms cupcakes. White Betty Crocker cake mix, your traditional buttercream icing with some Wilton dye and white chocolate wafers from the Bulk Barn.

That’s it!

Shopping List /

Pinata, Moustache, Branded Medals Party City
Boxes / Starbox Corp
Fake Trophys / Dollarama
Motorized Vehicles / Mini Circuits 

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