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Adding BIG art from Minted


Some BIG art went into our little eat in kitchen, and it was EXACTLY what this space needed. Ever since we moved in, and renovated the kitchen, the eat in kitchen wall was left blank. (See above) It needed something, but I could never pin point what. Was it a bold colour on the wall (No. I dislike colour on the walls) Was it a gallery wall? Nope. Too busy. Also, because it’s a relatively small area I didn’t want visual clutter. It’s exactly the same reason why I didn’t add in a chandelier and, opted for pot lights. Visual clutter stresses me out.  Something light. Something us. Something that was just reflective of fun, youthful and not too serious but at the same time didn’t stand out. Something that complimented the space, not competed. So I decided it needed to be something BIG and something with lots of white. And it needed to be this. I’ve been in LOVE with this print from Minted for years and it hit me that the space needed ONE big piece.

IMG_8621 (1)-2

The art came framed. Ready for hanging. Live in Canada like I do? Yup. They ship here. It was packaged beautifully, easy to hang and no issues what so ever. Within a few weeks it was here (I think it was actually less to be honest with you) and the minute it was hung I knew it was THE perfect piece. My Mom actually wants to buy the exact same one for her bathroom. It’s the most beautiful print because it’s not too “literal” – like hey, look at these palms and there’s some detailing in the bottom which catches your eye.

IMG_8631 (1)

Oh yes. You can see that my chairs are missing from the table. I may have had a rage against them because I hated them so much and I put them on the curb. They drove me nuts. So we’re kind of without chairs right here which may seem odd, but we eat meals at our dining room table, this little nook is where Oscar curls up and draws or, does crafts while I’m in the kitchen. So the lack of chairs isn’t really a big deal (so I’m telling myself). I had hoped to find chairs I liked but I’m debating a different table here as well, and the $$ just started adding up so heck. This is what it’s like right now! And I love it. Serioulsy the art makes and, finished off the room.

Shopping List
Art White Hot / Size 54″ x 40″ framed in white wood  c/o Minted
Pillows / 24 inch pillows from Tonic Living in Oatmeal Slub and Moonstone Grey
walls / Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

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    July 27, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    I love how your place looks but I equally love how it feels. It’s not just beautifully curated spaces it’s home. It always feels fun, fresh and hopeful. Perfect combination of great design & lovely inhabitants.

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    July 28, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Love love this print!!!

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    October 6, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Hey! Can I ask if the quality of your print is amazing and sharp, or if it’s a little bit low resolution (like the print wasn’t intended to be printed so large)…. Just got an order that I’m not thrilled with.

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