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the best beach totes


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I’m slightly obsessed with bags at the moment, after a month long search for a women’s work bag (more on that in another post) but I became slightly obsessed with beach totes, and picked up No. 5 above on a recent trip over to the USA. There is something so great about these bags because they are an instant pop of colour to an outfit without having to commit to a bright top or flashy pants. The bag is a great way to just add some style of the moment, without committing I find. I absolutely love the function of them too as a Mom, because as we’re out more in the Summer, I am using my tote as my Mom-Bag – with colouring books, games and such for Oscar so that if we’re at a BBQ and he gets restless, I have my go to summer bag to find some fun things to do. Anyhow, just a roundup of some of the ones I came across online and in person that I thought were fun! xo

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